[my best friend's wedding - a year after]

My best friend & her hubby are celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary on the 19th of this month. Being the matron of honor, I was tasked, nay, "forced" to give a speech, as what was expected of members of the entourage, especially those close to the couple. Speaking before an audience is not one of my "most-loved-things-to-do" but because she was like a sister to me, I gave in to her request.

So on your anniversary, Fleur & Alvin, I am posting, verbatim, what I said that night in Bellevue Hotel almost a year ago...

Just a few hours ago, Fleur, my soul sister & best friend of 6 years officially became Mrs Alvin Sombrero. as she was saying her vows to the man standing before her, I felt happy for she has finally found her match, her ‘hit’ after years of many ‘misses’.

I met fleur at the workplace in 2003. Fresh out of college & after passing the board exams, she applied at MDC & became my technical assistant. At first, she came on to me as “ maarte, sosyal & mukhang di tatagal sa trabaho. But looks proved to be deceiving. As the days passed, she turned out to be the opposite. Although di naman nabawasan ang kaartehan nya, she became a lot more than that. She was a valuable employee-efficient, hardworking & reliable. Our relationship went beyond work. We became each other’s rah-rah girl, shopping buddy & sometimes, salon or spa companion. And being her best friend for the last 6 years, I was witness to her chaotic, crazy lovelife. Her 2 previous relationships, of which I was privy to, were, to put it mildly, ‘unpredictable’. Although, she had her happy moments with them, there would be days that she would come to me crying because she just had a spat with her boyfriend. It became an ‘on-&-off’ thing that I got used to it. Knowing her to be emo & impulsive kapag in love, I considered it normal. But when the fights became serious and fits of depression set in, I was forced to tell her to just drop the relationship and find someone better. Stubborn and oblivious to my advice, she just stayed on. Until Alvin S came along. Fleur introduced him to me twice. Call it ‘best friend instinct’, but the second time I met him, I knew he was worth the chance for Fleur. After dilly-dallying and a major fight with an immediate ex, she finally budged and let Alvin S back to her life. Since then, life became a breeze for her, the smiles became constant & the tears came few and far between.I saw her become giddy like a schoolgirl again. And when she became engaged, there was no stopping her at happiness.

Who would have thought that after being separated by time & distance, she would end up with her first boyfriend? Its like “a bestfriend’s wedding”, with the happy twist. The bida girl ends up with the bida boy. I remember telling fleur back then that despite the pain of a failed relationship, she has no choice but to embrace it and allow GOD to let the right person come into her life. And much to my relief, she listened. And today, as they say it, the rest is history.

As I end this, I want to tell you, Alvin & Fleur that Julius & I hope & pray nothing but happiness for you. Remember though that marriage, like life, is not a mere destination nor a simple walk in the park. You have to constantly work on it. Love each other unconditionally, warts & all, but never fail to support & nurture each other. Because if you become better persons, you also become better partners & parents to your kids. And tomorrow, when you start your life as husband & wife, enjoy the journey together. Congratulations & best wishes.