[OBRA PARA SA MUSIKA (OPM) : a PSID 2013 exhibit]

To mark its 46th anniversary, the Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID) Advanced Class of 2013 holds a graduation exhibit dubbed "OPM - Obra Para sa Musika" to showcase livable interior spaces inspired by select OPM songs of various genres & styles.

A quick look at the interior spaces designed & executed by the graduating class which I got to see firsthand during a special media preview a few weeks back.

(composer & performer Bamboo)

"The design of the spa features a nature-loving setting with tribal elements."
-Diana Tan, Andree Martinez, Erika Gegato,
 Ezra Romero, Angelica Libongco, Morris Uy

a proudly Filipino-inspired spa

(composers Restie Umali/Levi Celerio; 
performer Ric Manrique, Jr.)

"It showcases sentiments of a man with his underlying emotions towards a woman he's been waiting for his whole life."
-Arjay Arcenas, Kristin Jane Capulong, 
Gian Cham,Sara Jane Garcia
a living room with a balcony

(composer: Nicanor Abelardo;
performers Cecil Lloyd & Ray Alinsod)

"It is in the bedroom where we can be ourselves, a place where we form our deepest thoughts – reaching our dreams and becoming a bright, shining star."
-Melissa Abella, Nicole Badillo, Faye Guiwan, Darwin Ignacia, Andrea Santos, Erika Uichanco
a bedroom

(composer: Lucio San Pedro; lyricist: Levi Celerio;
performer: Lea Salonga)

"The song brings to mind images of a mother's lullaby to her child, and the wish to never forget those long gone days."
- Bianca Angelica Abrera, Lara Vanessa Aranzanso,
Angelica Dumalus, Lyra Mae Limcolioc, 
Maria Czarina Rapadas, Victoria Sales

a nursery room

(composer: Rene Garcia; 
performer: Hotdog)

"The crowning glory of the room is the vanity area because it highlights her reflection – how she sees her glamorous self."
-Harold Chen, Janine Legaspi, Steffi Maala, 
Kimberly Ong, Raiza Poquiz
a walk-in closet & vanity area

(composer: Romeo Dongeto; performer: Noel Cabangon)

"Built around the tree in which their relationship grew and memories were lived; this room serves as a sanctuary of the couple’s love."
-Theressa Asis, Anna Liwanag, 
Justine Vizmonte,Patrick Zaldivar

a sitting room

(composer: Mike Hanopol; 
performer: Hagibis)

"Katawan shouts hail to the beauty and splendor of a human body, specifically to a lady."
- Melwyn Arrubio, Cherie Dizon, Matthew Manlapig, 
Hanna Pilpil, Chester Punzalan, Verna Sanchez

a health spa

(composer: Amado Triviño

performer: Celeste Legaspi)

"The interior of the ice cream parlor is based on the appearance of the streets and traffic of Manila during the 1970s, the time when the song was popularized."
-Ma. Patricia Anne Arafol, Jasmin Elijah Rhea Bandiola, Krista Faye  Castro, Menalyn  Lim, 
Kimmarie  Teodoro, Marie Loreine  Yamzon 
an ice cream parlor

(composer: Vic Sotto; performer: VST & Company)

"A combination of the colors red, orange and yellow lights dancing to the beat of the music, the room itself had come to life with its exciting yet intimate feature that we could relate to the kind of love illustrated."
-Rachelle Uy, Desiree Yao, Alshiey Senosa, 
Dilly Guerrero, Miko Ukena, Sarah Martinez

a VIP lounge in a club called 'The Groove'

(composer: Odellavania Quesada; 
performer: Gary Valenciano)

"They had a vision of a young boy, who was slowly finding his own way and gaining momentum to grow. The song guides him through his struggles, at the same time inspires him to push his limits."
-Ma. Katherine Dayrit, Hever Estilo, 
Alessandra  Mercado, Nicca  Sarmiento, 
Dianne Tan, Chico Velas

a young boy's bedroom

(composer: Danny Javier;
performer: APO Hiking Society)

"Designed for hardworking yet fun-loving young professionals, the mood--choices of materials, textures, and colors--would be relaxing, sleek, bold, fun yet functional."
- Cheri Anne Albano, Marianne Bernadette Babista, Cendy Brillantes, Jamine Clara Gabriel, 
Renee Soraya Hassani, Ma. April Rose Joan Jayagan

a "barkada" room

(composers: Butch Monserrat, Babes Conde, Gryk Ortaleza and Anabelle Lee;
performers: Tillie Moreno & Ray-an Fuentes)

"There is nothing like a beach vacation spent with friends to help you forget about life’s problems, and look forward to what the new day brings."
 -Princess Avena, Aric Co, Gwen Dy, Denise Guieb, 
Jocar Felix and Erika Narciso
a beachfront lanai

(composer/performer: Ryan Cayabyab)

"Although Christmas only lasts for a month or two, “a kid in a candy store” is one that allows people, both young & old, to relive that nostalgic childhood experience all year round."
-Chareen Balisbis
                                Karen Cheryl Macavinta
                                    Joan Leslie Sy
                                    Lindsey Dianhnn Tan
a candy store

(composer/performer: The Eraserheads)

"This bittersweet memory of the El Bimbo dance, the fleeting remembrance that was left of the girl, and the melancholic nostalgia conveyed in the song are all interpreted in the form of a personal DANCE STUDIO."
-Aiko Maree Berberabe, Dan Yang Cai
 Melrose Therese Dalisay, Charmaine Mae Mendoza
Charmaine Leanza Ong, Maria Veronica Pamplona
a personal dance studio

(composer: Buwi Meneses; 
performer: Parokya ni Edgar)

"There is a bold yet warm overall mood to the area. After all, he isn't simply about business or play. He is in the business of play."
-Katrina Baloloy, Christian Banayad,
            Angelica Eduardo,
    Juvy Habacon, Rochelle Santiago

a bachelor's pad

(composer/performer: Sugarfree)

"The design of the interior space reflects a teenage boy’s search for his true self amidst the noise and confusion brought about by self-discovery."
-Andrea Manalang, Margarita Mayoralgo,
Karla Ortigas,Mapple Panganiban,
Carla Peña
a teenage boy's bedroom

Francis Magalona)

"As we grow older we learn to connect new ideas with old ones, viewing things from different angles, as if looking into a kaleidoscope, thereby enriching our whole human existence."
-Wendhel Baro, Yvette Co, Namie Garaygay, 
Loren Munsayac, Patricia Rebano, Jianina Rivera
a daycare center

(composer: Jay Contreras;
performer: Kamikazee)

"Mixing Darna with punk rock strikes an interesting combination."
-Dorothy Mae Beldia,Lavoisier Capuno, Marianne Mader, Kathryn Joi Robles,Aira Clarissa Sullano

a novelty store

(composer & performer: Urbandub)

"The clock, forever frozen, stands as a reminder that the past can never be brought back."
- Ina Bautista, Jeselyn Chuan, Ileana Garcia, 
Aislinn Kee & Michelle Tiu

a wine & coffee shop

(composer & performer: Rivermaya)

"The contemporary zen setting plays up the lyrical theme of prayer and wishes and their obscured nature."
-Garry Barranda, Ana Elliott, Mark Perez, 
Joseph Valderrama, Christopher Pasco, Kevin Ladores

a Buddhist meditation room (zendo)

This exhibit, which will run from October 1-31, 2013 at the 3rd level of Glorietta 3,is co-presented by Glorietta mall, Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mangaawit (OPM), and the Filipino Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (FILSCAP). Sponsors are Boysen, La Europa Ceramica, Alfred Galvez Wall Art Designs and Finishes, Apo Floors, Focus Global, Inc, Larry’s Curtain, and Palmer Asia.

For more information, check out the exhibit's Facebook page or follow @psid_opm on Twitter & Instagram.

* perspectives & design rationales courtesy of PSID


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