One time, my youngest mentioned to me a name of a store that sells 1D merchandise. It's CLAIRE'S, an international specialty retailer of jewelry & accessories & she said it recently opened somewhere near BHS/BGC. I remember having seen it In Market!Market!, so I took the girls there a couple of weeks after.

That day, the store was on sale. 

A quick look inside & I say it's another happy place for people who love accessories & 'kikay' stuff. :)

Some of the things you can put on your wishlist.

Barrettes, floral clips & flower crowns;

Nail art packs; 

Funky pairs of eyeglasses + moustaches;

Accessory holders in black or white; 

Beauty pageant paraphernalia for the little queens - tiaras, arm or hand gloves, sashes, tutus & evening bags; 

The youngest tried on a pair of round-shaped sunnies. Behind her are several neckpieces, scarves & suspenders;

The eldest wanted to see how she would look in a veiled tiara.;)

Drop by any of their stores found within the metro.

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