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[peter pan]

The peter pan collar.


A small, flat, round collar , named after the collar of the costume worn in 1905 by actress Maude Adams in her role as Peter Pan.


Before being known as the peter pan collar, it was called the Little Lord Fauntleroy suit collar (like the character in the Frances Hodgson book). Back then, the collar was usually made of delicate lace & were worn with ribbons or ties. 

With the resurgence of  vintage styles, the peter pan has reappeared in mainstream stores, fashion runways,  magazines, &  red carpet moments.







I like the detachable  accent pieces that  fashion blogger Tricia Gosingtian featured on her blog.



My daughter is also into this.  She has two blouses bought in BAYO

So, if you want the vintage vibe look,  find one in a similar style & create your own.


[the back story]

Remember my post on the meme proposal of Tim Tiah to Audrey Ooi? Well, here are two versions of the story behind it as told by the future bride & groom.  Tim also shares how the video proposal came to  be.

Malaysians TIM  & AUDREY are both bloggers. Tim is the co-founder of NUFFNANG, Asia's first blog advertising community. He owns the blog, TIMOTHYTIAH.COM while Audrey, or Shorty, as she is lovingly called by Tim, writes on her own PRINCESS AUD FOURFEETNINE.COM. The marriage proposal took place on November 30, 2011 at the Neroteca restaurant. 

"will you marry me?"

"It was one of the happiest moments of my life...
and it was the beginning of the life of a Fatty & a Shorty'" -Tim Tiah

photo source: TIMOTHYTIAH.COM


[the inner STYLISTA in you]

I have an account in POLYVORE, said to be the best place to discover & start fashion trends. In here, you can shop, browse looks created by a global community of independent trendsetters & stylists

It is much like PINTEREST where you choose from images of styles you like & create your own mood boards. But this time, you pick out the clothes & accessories you mix & match then present them  in your preferred backgrounds. 

I've already come up with quite a number of fashion sets & I like it that I'm able to do some virtual styling.

Have a look-see at some of my boards.










Just like me, discover that inner stylista in you by hopping on to POLYVORE now.


[no longer safe]

My eldest daughter's iPod got stolen yesterday in National Bookstore, Trinoma. According to her, a woman "bumped" into her at the ballpen section & the next thing she knew, her bag was already unzipped with the gadget gone.

Immediately, my daughter thought of going online to change her passwords as she was afraid the thief might get access to all her accounts.  We went back to PARVATI, the dessert place we went to before NBS & got online again. After finishing what she had to do, we proceeded to the MAC store at the 3F to ask the people there if a way to get the gadget blocked from being used by the culprit can be done. The man who assisted us asked if the iPod was configured to the IOS-5 setting & the iCloud was activated. Good thing, my daughter was able to do that just recently so the man helped us find the gadget hoping that it was being used online. Unfortunately, it was not, so we couldn't locate its whereabouts.

Upon reaching home, my daughter tried her luck locating it on her own. She found out it was being used online but the location was UNAVAILABLE. Scared once more  that all her photos will be copied & used unscrupulously, she tweaked the settings & found out the files can be WIPED or LOCKED remotely once the person uses the internet. She opted for the WIPE setting, clicked the tab & prayed that the deletion thing will be done anytime soon.

Our children are really easy preys to heartless criminals. I have been relentless in reminding my girls to be careful with their things especially in malls or other public places teeming with people, but unfortunate incidents like these are uncontrollable. Sadly, this is the state that our country is in. Safety is really a thing of the past here. As always the case, the police are only there AFTER the situation (if we are lucky enough to be helped by them) so there is that feeling that crimes are not really prevented, criminals abound & they are so hardcore & brazen that they know they can always get away with the crimes they commit. When will that time come when we can say that the streets in the Philippines are safe to walk in? Wishful thinking... =(

*** When my hubby informed the NBS security about it, the guard told him that a similar incident was reported earlier by another victim. So, we know that a crime report, if made, remains just a report & nothing  ever comes out of it. As if to assure us, the guard said we can view the CCTV footage of the incident if we just make the request. My hubby waived that because he knows the thief already got out of the mall's vicinity & it was useless.

***For those with APPLE gadgets, go here to know how to set up your iCloud & facilitate gadget location or remote  LOCK or WIPE  your files once they get stolen.


[the cuteness that is ANIKA]

With our families in tow, Fleur & I met up at the Power Plant Mall last Saturday afternoon. Finally! I was able to give Anika's belated Christmas gift & the bff's got to see each other after a long time.

Here's the cutie one making pretty poses, liking what she sees on screen.

Kirsten did two videos of her as we were whiling the time away after the Sombrero family treated us to a yummy merienda at CIBO.  =)

In the first video, you'll see her precociousness & uber cuteness. She even made those "fashionista' poses at the slightest proddings of Fleur & her Ate Girlie.

In the second video, the mood has definitely  taken a different turn. She is getting irritated & frustrated at not being able to see her own video or play Angry Birds & Temple Run on the iPad my daughter is using.  But tears & all, she still managed to execute the poses. 

She's so hyper, yet adorable. Reminds me so much of her mom. No wonder her family, especially her parents are so drawn to her. 



[NO to the big C]

Who wants to get stricken with cancer? Well, I don't.  But unfortunately, cancer runs in our family. So every chance I get, I look for info sources about the right diet to beat this dreaded disease.

This book is just one of my good finds.

Written by Philippine Star columnists, Drs.Willie & Liza Ong, it contains valuable tips on wellness. One tip to note is on the 12 SUPERFOODS TO BEAT CANCER. I've read that we should all have what Dr. David  Servan-Schreiber calls the ANTI-CANCER MIND. He believes that one's state of mind has an effect on whether we develop cancer or not. People who are helpless, hopeless & desperate are more prone to cancer while acceptance, openness, facing one's difficulties & support from family & friends may help prevent or even cure the big C. Along with a positive mindset, it can also help if we know & take more of these: 


  • contains CATECHINS, which can help retard tumor growth
  • a powerful anti-oxidant that helps hasten the death of cancer cells
  • should be steeped 5-8 minutes to release the catchins; drink 2 cups a day & within 2 hours of prep 
  • if possible, drink the decaf type so as to lessen side effects, like palpitation


  • potent food ingredients to fight inflammation
  • enhance the effect of chemotherapy & reduce tumor growth


  • long been used in Asia to treat nausea, vomiting, cough, colds, headache, stomachache & arthritis
  • helps reduce inflammation & retard the creation of new blood vessels used by cancer cells 


  • contains SULFORAFANE & INDOLE-3-CARBINOLS which can prevent pre-cancerous cells from turning into real cancer cells
  • when cooking, should be stir-fried with olive oil, not boiled to get the full benefits of the anti-cancer properties


  • contain ALLYL SULFIDES which promote cell death in colon, breast, lung  & prostate cancers
  • to best release the anti-cancer properties, the garlic clove must be gently fried with a little oil; also best eaten raw & added to salads 


  • yellow, orange & green leafy: carrots, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cantaloupe or winter squash
  • contain VITAMIN A & LYCOPENE


  • rich in LYCOPENE
  • to release the lycopene, cook with a little olive oil
  • ideally, 10 tbsps or approximately 150 ml must be consumed in a week


  • contain GENISTEIN, a substance that blocks the stimulation of cancer cells by the body's estrogen & testosterone hormones
  • fewer incidence of breast cancer in Asian women who consume more soy since their teen years


  • contain POLYSACCHARIDES & LENTINIAN, which increase the activity of our immune systems


  • help reduce inflammation & may retard cancer cell growth 


  • help increase the healthy bacteria, LACTOBACILLUS, to help in digestion & bowel movement
  • help inhibit the growth of colon cancer cells


  • contain ELLAGIC & POLYPHENOLS which help eliminate cancer substances in the body 

Go buy a copy of the book & learn  more tips on how to STAY YOUNGER, LIVE HEALTHIER.

photo source: GOOGLE IMAGES

[it's no *japanese* trash]

I found this blog by accident, a happy one, I might say. =)

Modern minimalist exteriors & interiors, "masculine design", the black-white-natural_brown schemes with a hint of color here & there - this is what this home blog is all about.

These design inspirations posted from  Japanese Trash  are to die for...

pivot door, gray brick walls in stack bond pattern

skylight over the simple kitchen/breakfast nook

green wall

cantilevered stair treads

vertical slats

leather sectional

solid wood table, PHILIPPE STARCK LOUIS ghost chairs, furnace in red border

bare concrete wall finish, white ceiling & floors

sliding horizontal sun shade

pink dining table, EAMES chairs

built-in seating area, wine cubbyholes, egg swing chair

sun baffles

handle-less cabinets

tubular shower head
stainless steel-like stool

EERO SAARINEN womb chair & foot stool, rough-hewn wood side table

a nice mix of textures

Another design soulmate. ;)