[the cuteness that is ANIKA]

With our families in tow, Fleur & I met up at the Power Plant Mall last Saturday afternoon. Finally! I was able to give Anika's belated Christmas gift & the bff's got to see each other after a long time.

Here's the cutie one making pretty poses, liking what she sees on screen.

Kirsten did two videos of her as we were whiling the time away after the Sombrero family treated us to a yummy merienda at CIBO.  =)

In the first video, you'll see her precociousness & uber cuteness. She even made those "fashionista' poses at the slightest proddings of Fleur & her Ate Girlie.

In the second video, the mood has definitely  taken a different turn. She is getting irritated & frustrated at not being able to see her own video or play Angry Birds & Temple Run on the iPad my daughter is using.  But tears & all, she still managed to execute the poses. 

She's so hyper, yet adorable. Reminds me so much of her mom. No wonder her family, especially her parents are so drawn to her. 


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