I remember this shoe brand, SPERRY TOP-SIDER (aka the boat shoes), was very popular in the 80's. A lot of knock-off brands also came out, but of course, nothing beats the original. And now it has made a comeback. We bought a pair for our eldest at their Eastwood Mall store. Aside from her reliable sneaks & flats, it's the right footwear for her to use as she goes about her daily walks to & from her classes around the campus. Best value for money.

Some of the styles that are also nice to have :

men's largo espadrilles, black canvass

women's cloud logo authentic original in navy red super soft  leather

women's bahama in raspberry seersucker plaid

women's montauk in raspberry white

men's largo espadrille in awning stripe

blue & khaki
high-cut in dark brown

gray plaid & purple

navigator drivers 

Check out their FB page to know where to buy them & the other styles to choose from. 

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