[12 little things to do]

My youngest had a project in her Literature class last year wherein she submitted her own list of 12 LITTLE THINGS TO DO AS A STUDENT. This is a take-off from one of the books included in their required reading list.

12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country is a book written by ALEXANDER LACSON LEDESMA, a 40-something Filipino lawyer, author, lecturer, philantropist & politician. 

In the early part of 2000, he & wife, Pia with their children, seriously thought of migrating to either the US or Canada because they felt that the Philippines was getting nowhere in terms of progress. But after much discussion & careful thought, they decided to stay put in this country & help. He wrote this book in the hope that he can inspire fellow Filipinos to do their share in nation-building by doing the "little things that matter". 

A rundown of his list :

  1. Follow traffic rules. Follow the law.
  2. Whenever you buy or pay for anything, always ask for an official receipt.
  3. Don’t buy smuggled goods. Buy local. Buy Filipino. (Or, if you read the book, he suggests: 50-50).
  4. When you talk to others, especially foreigners speak positively about us and our country.
  5. Respect your traffic officer, policeman and soldier.
  6. Do not litter. Dispose your garbage properly. Segregate. Recycle. Conserve.
  7. Support your church.
  8. During elections, do your solemn duty.
  9. Pay your employees well.
  10. Pay your taxes.
  11. Adopt a scholar or a poor child.
  12. Be a good parent. Teach your kids to follow the law and love our country.

Grab your own copy of this must-read book & get to know the man who would have made a good senator.



When I was looking for modern pieces of furniture for our living & dining areas, I had BoConcept as peg. Of course, the merchandises there don't come cheap but the catalogue that I got for free from their Bonifacio High Street store gave me ideas on what to buy as alternative, just to get the style I like for less premium. 

Doing away with the usual sofa set, I went for the sectional type.

After making the rounds of several home stores, I finally found the one that I liked in the Trinoma branch of CROSSINGS Department Store. It's a black & yellow set with a built-in magazine rack on one side.

Compared to those being sold at a well-known department store, I went for this instead because its workmanship is better. I would rather pay a little bit more than settle for something that costs less yet looks haphazardly made. So far, no regrets, even after 3 years of use.

Get your own sofa inspiration from BoConcept if you're thinking of furnishing or refurbishing your living rooms. Go here.



These sweet-enders are treats for both the eyes & taste buds. 

a slice of each
up close, the cake's not crumbly 

I ordered them from Sherene Marquez of SWEETS BOX. She's my youngest's former teacher in elementary who's now a baker/food enterpreneur. This pretty stay-at-home mom went back to her first loves - baking & cooking - to become productive while looking after her 2-year old son. With no formal training, she just became good in what she does because she loved puttering around the kitchen as a young girl. 

Her attention to details when decorating her cakes is what I like most in her creations. With the help of her husband, she has come up with these yummy baked goodies that are worth trying:


Coffee shops are my go-to places whenever I want to while my time away, meet up with someone or surf the net for free while having my caffeine fix.


[LOFTY dreams]

A loft is an upper story of a business building, warehouse, or factory, typically consisting of open, unpartitioned floor area usually converted or adapted to any of various uses, as quarters for living, studios for artists or dancers, exhibition galleries, or theater space. The distinct design elements of a loft are exposed utility pipes, ductworks or beams, brick walls, high ceilings, big windows, skylights & bare concrete finishes. 

Designing & living in a loft-type house is on my wishlist, something that I want to be able to do in the next few years.

Some LOFT ideas I took a fancy to : 



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[a DAUGHTER speaks her HEART out]

Before this day ends, I am sharing with you my eldest daughter's special fathers' day note to her dad. An introvert like my husband, her voice is hardly the one to stand out above the din. Nevertheless, what she can't verbalize, she does so in writing, straight from the heart, with aplomb. 

Tears welled up as I read her note where she speaks out her love for her daddy J.

It amazes me that my dad does not bat an eyelash when he tells me he thinks I can do anything.

His answer is always "oo naman; kaya mo yan."

I am blessed because God gave me a dad, who isn't necessarily perfect, but still a great one who's willing to overlook his needs for the betterment of his family. He can be overprotective and unreasonable at times, but i know he does what he does because he loves me and wants nothing but the best for me.

I am not the best daughter in the world. I complain a lot and often brush off my dad's sermons. I cannot blame him for sometimes thinking I don't love him. He says so in mock- sadness, but I know my tough-as-nails-dad gets hurt.

But of course I love him. I love him enough to produce a few tears while writing and rewriting this, as OA as that sounds, because I know I don't tell him that much.

So, daddy, i know there is a probability that you won't be able to read this (you're not exactly the internet-surfing type) but anyway.



[the MAN in our lives]

In our home, he is the only "thorn among the roses".   Most of the time, he feels like he is out-numbered by us girls.  But this much is true - being the father, he still has the last say & he is loved even more for that.

In his almost 18 years of being a father to his girls, so far, I have seen how he has been the BEST dad, bar none.

Though he may not look it, but he has happily & willingly taken on the tasks of fatherhood : changed nappies,  stayed up in the wee hours to take over mommy duties, drove us to the doctor for the annual shots or check-ups, dropped off or picked up the girls from school whenever his schedule allows, attended school-related activities, etc. Since day 1, this responsible father has provided a roof over our heads, food on the table & has sent his girls to good schools. What more is left to ask from someone like him?

To the man who will forever be the great love in the lives of his 3 girls, HAPPY FATHERS' DAY! Much love back to you...



Teenagers are a complicated lot. Their preferences & interests are ever-changing - what they want now can change overnight.  So if you're thinking of designing a room for your teens, keep in mind what they want but the specifications  must also be flexible enough to accommodate future revisions. 

Here are some schemes to get you started: