[another F21]

My girls & I went all the way to the SM City THE BLOCK Monday of last week for my youngest's 1D fan party. While Jill was inside Skydome to mingle with other Directioners, Kirsten & I explored the spacious Forever 21 store. 

Style haven! ;)

The accessories section is also a never-miss area for me. I took photos of the headbands because they are sooo pretty! I adore them so much that I'm now thinking of crafting headpieces & selling them online. A wanna-be mompreneur.  ;)

From F21, we had a quick pasta lunch at the Sandwich Guy.

After lunch, we watched a movie together (a homegrown romantic-comedy film), then fetched Jill at the venue entrance.

The happy Directioner, with her Ate Kirsten after her fun-filled fan party. 

Another day spent bonding with my girls, nearing the last days of summer...


  1. believe it or not i was in that 1D party. no not as a fan. i was there for work. my eardrums suffered from all the screaming that day. LOL.

    1. wow, sayang nagkita sana tayo. ciempre mga teeners, alam mo na. ;)

      event organizer ka?


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