[BENCH at the PFW]

My girls & my niece were able to see the two Bench shows at the Philippine Fashion Week. Thanks to  someone from Bench, Miguel Pastor, a classmate back in college. It was a last-minute accommodation from him but he was kind enough to give me 3 invites. ;)

While the girls watched the show, hubby & I just waited for them at the lobby. The 2 shows lasted for 1 1/2 hours. While in line with them, I people-watched outside the venue.

Here are some scenes taken that night:

complimentary invites

photo ops

line to 1st show

happy banter

mustard + black

K & A


fashionistas + an EIC


high-heeled fashion plates


Inside Michael Cinco's IMPALPABLE show.

screen shot

snow-covered trees + lamp posts

caught on cam

billowy layers


smoke-filled entrance

model all rolled-up

ANTM's Allison & Dominique

Allison + Dominique
striking their own poses
Michael Cinco with the ANTM guest models
Michael + A + D
Allison Harvard

& RAJO LAUREL's Rajo + Bench/OJ show .

klieg lights

PEP squads 2

abs & curves

The girls' souvenir shots at the PFW & L'Oreal photo walls after the show.

Click here & here for K's own account of her first PFW experience.

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