[the only LOVE that's constant]

Sometimes the hassles of life bear me down. Whenever those times come, I just turn to nature to remind me that GOD's love is constant 



Last year, the two older girls in our family marked their 18th year milestones in two separate simple celebrations.



The succulents that I bought many months back were finally placed in my empty planters. 



These photos were recently posted on our FB group page.

Yes, I belong to this batch, a merry mix of kinder tots from many years back! ;) Can you spot me from the pictures? ;)


[mind your MANNERS]

Captured these on cam while waiting for the tarpaulin my sister & I had printed out in a signage store. Credits to them for posting it & to the original author who made the list.

25 valuable tips to teach our children & for us to learn from, too. ;)

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Over at Metro Gaisano, I eyed 2 nice throw pillow cases to buy for the home.

IKAT print 

at Php 300.00 /piece

World Cities print

at Php 300.00 /piece

*ikat is a dyeing technique used to pattern textiles that employs a resist dyeing process similar to tie-dye on either the warp or weft fibres prior to dyeing. The word ikat derives from the Indonesian word mengikat 'to tie'.


[take me to the PROM]

It's prom season!

I have been seeing tons of prom pictures being posted on FB. And just this week, I got to talk to a co-parent about her daughter's own preps for the JS prom. I realized going to one now has become expensive, way different from when my eldest had hers 2 years back.

She had her hair & make-up done in AZTA URBAN Salon, Robinson's Metro East branch. I was happy with how she was dolled-up - simple, not overdone. Just the look that matched her age.


[LOVE is never late, only the ROSES]

Finally, I received my bunch of roses from the hubby last night, post Valentine's Day! =)


[MOMMY sentiments]

One time, I was looking at these pictures of my girls, & suddenly, it dawned on me that they are already teenagers

[the NOODLE boss]

Returned to Moshi Koshi in M!2 yesterday for that noodle fix.

It boasts of freshly-made noodles everyday. I agree.



[LOAFING around]

Just got me a new pair of loafers, at 700 pesos! ;)

I went back to Robinson's Metro East just to buy this pair of feet-friendly shoes in leopard print. 


[design peg series : SUBWAY TILES]

Subway tiles add a traditional vibe to your kitchen areas or t&b's. It got its name after the ceramic tiles found in NY's subway stations in the early 20th century.

Here are some kitchen & bathroom ideas using the subway tiles. You can update the look by choosing bright colors instead of the classic white; experiment with other materials like glass; & lay it out differently - vertical instead of the usual horizontal orientation.

Explore the many possibilities. Take off from these:




[save or splurge?]

I maybe petite,  but I still go for comfy flats to wear. No killer heels for me. So when I saw Aimee's latest shoe find, I told myself to get a new pair, too!

In my search for one that compares (or comes close) to a YS, I found myself buying this from JELLY BEAN. 



I featured these pillows before.

Yesterday, I finally bought 2 of the designs -London & Paris. For the longest time, my youngest has been asking for one.


[design peg series : CAVIAR LIGHTS]

I have always loved pendant-type lighting fixtures. For me, they accentuate the area or space where they are placed & eventually become conversation pieces. And as I go about looking for interior inspirations, I also sometimes chance upon the latest in home furnishings & fixtures, like this one.



[blooming BRANCHES]

I have already blogged about how I go for simple floral set-ups here. The interest hasn't waned, more so when I saw these lovely arrangements just this morning.

southern living

[all about HEARTS]

Next week is VDay again & it would be also nice to get the house thumping with all things heart-shaped. Just like Christmas but more subtle, just a hint thrown here & there. ;)

I found these things to inspire you :

*wall decor
how about orange


[grab my badge]

Coming on the heels of my just-installed social media buttons, my blog's badge this time is the one up for 'grabs'! ;)

Also by Patricia of fancygirldesignstudio

Really L-O-V-E the super nice things she does to blog themes!  

Thanks again! =)

[arm candies & more]

I am more into bracelets. I feel that wearing arm candies somehow  provides that dressed-up look even if you're just in a pair of jeans & a tee.

If you can shop online for nice accessories, would you love to own one of these?