If you want splashes of color in your indoor or outdoor spaces, then having these home accessories would do just that.

*Moroccan & star-shaped lanterns with colorful 'sampaguita' glass panels

[store finds : THROW PILLOWS]

For this year, I didn't buy yards of fabric for a new set of curtains.  Instead, I got throw pillow covers just so our home is dressed up for the holidays.

For the living room,

Php 179.75 each, Landmark


[homemade DETOX WATER]

Let's face it. We get a lot of toxins from the processed foods we take in everyday. So, we need to purge them out & detoxify.

Although there are commercial brands of detox juices, I decided to first try making one for myself. I searched online for recipes & found this.  

I went for the lemon-cucumber-mint recipe since the 3 ingredients are available in your favorite supermarkets. 

I just used a piece each of lemon & cucumber (all washed thoroughly & sliced thinly) & then added 2 sprigs of mint leaves to a liter of water. If you can afford it, buy organic.


Discovered the Living Well home store at SM Aura while on a date with hubby. 

It is a haven for homemakers/bakers/crafters as there are a thousand & one things that you will fancy buying & bringing home with you.

Like these from the Martha Stewart line -

the craft punches

edge, lace, circle punches



My penchant for wall decals carries over to our house. I have placed a set on one of our walls & I haven't taken them out since. I like how it transforms a plain, white-washed wall into something of interest.

And so I chanced upon a brand of wall decals while I was looking around The Handyman store in Robinson's Metro East.

It's the WALL POPS, a wall sticker product with various designs to choose from (in prints or solid colors).


[inside some MILK TEA PLACES]

Although the milk tea craze has waned a bit, my girls & I still get our fix whenever we crave for it or a tea shop is just nearby.

Aside from their milk tea concoctions, the overall look of the interiors is another plus factor why we love going here.

Take a look.

CHATIME (Trinoma)

- decorative MDF wall panels, mosaic tiles, textured walls, tufted stools, modern drop lamps


[SHOPPING for my teen fashionistas]

My daughters are so into fashion that shopping for garbs is what they love doing. 

They have Lookbook & Tumblr to turn to for fashion inspirations. That's why, every time we go out on a once-a-month retail therapy, we scour different stores to give us more style & price options.

From known clothing retail stores, bazaars or department stores, my girls have discovered these havens for their fashion finds. The only place left to buy from is an online shop. The truth is, I am a little wary of online transactions especially when it has something to do with plastic cards. Identity thefts, unauthorized purchases, undelivered items do happen & those are what I frown upon. But for a lot of my friends who have long been into online shopping, I hardly hear a negative feedback. They say it's so convenient & hassle-free.

I am glad there are online shopping sites like Zalora,

that offer free shipping for orders at a minimum amount of 1000, cash upon delivery so you no longer use your credit card, several payment options & best of all, returns are accepted free of charge within a 30-day period. With that, online shopping becomes easy & fun.

I think I will try this store for some holiday shopping with my teen fashionistas. Soon. ;)


[store finds : FOLDABLE FLATS]

Foldable shoes are so convenient. All folded-up & safely tucked inside a pouch, it can fit in your purse or bag, carry & wear it everyday. Great for when your heels are killing you or you just need to change into something casual.

But then, a pair can be pricey, too. The ones I have seen being sold in stores command a price from Php 600 up. The budget-conscious mom just had to look away. 

Until I saw this in SM.



I know. I really should stop indulging in sugar-loaded food such as ice cream because the excess weight won't go away. Blame it on age or my procrastination on that much delayed weight-loss project, but there's something in  desserts that make you happy despite...

And so, Jill & I discovered one day how yummy the new cookie butter Mcflurry is. ;)

We loved the "brown mix-in that carries a cinnamon-spiced cookie flavor & aroma". It was also generously drizzled with caramel.

It's best that you finish the ice cream before it melts. By the time we reached home, mine was slowly turning into a milk shake. But right before it got completely liquefied, I cut up a piece of banana & magically turned it into a banana split of sorts, minus the whipped cream. 

Definitely more fun to eat it this time. Plus, healthier too! ;)

Can be had for only Php 45.00 a cup at any McDonald's store.



End of last month, my eldest daughter got to discover Palawan with her college friends. It was her first time to travel without us. Save for the reminder or two that I gave her,  I think she had it easy when she asked for our permission regarding this trip.;) Why? Because for the past two years that she has been attending college away from home, she has proven to us that she is one responsible, independent girl who imposes limitations on herself. Besides, hubby & I believe this could be a chance for her to explore a world outside of the home she grew up in.

photo credit: YSAY LEE

I am now sharing with you her Palawan Diaries (Days 1, 2 & 3 in Puerto Princesa). 

Read on & hope you enjoy... :)



Hair removal for me has always been either by shaving or using of creams. But these methods don't give lasting results since after two days, there would be noticeable hair growth. Add to that the chicken skin & the dark pigmentation as side effects. :(

Wanting to end my shaving woes, I decided to try sugaring this time. 

From their store window ad, it claims to being less painful, 100% organic & leads to permanency. I had to see that for myself.



Liven up your homes with these holiday decors I spotted recently.

*Hang gift stockings on these LED  holders that light up your mantel or any ledge you put them on.


[a HAPPY BARN to be in]

Craving for something milky to drink, other than the teas, Kirsten & I tried out this newest beverage place, The Happy Barn Milkshake Factory. ;)

[a new PLACE of WORSHIP]

Never miss hearing mass again when you're in SM Aura. 

We were there last Saturday for the 6 pm Anticipated Sunday mass.

Located at the top level, the design  of the chapel is described as 'unorthodox yet highly aesthetic & tubular'. When inside, you get that feeling of being in a modern, abstract cave. The semi-circular ribs conceal the lighting fixtures & the airconditioning system. The back-lit crucifix is the focal point of the simple altar.



I remember doing calligraphy during my high school days. I think we used the speedball pens then. And for some time now, I have been seeing FB & IG posts of Patricia's & Ging's works which somehow piqued my interest to try it. 

A few Saturdays ago, I got to join one of Ink Scribbler's workshops, thanks to Erlaine who shared the info.  :)

Erl & I came in just a few minutes before the workshop started & by then, almost all the participants were already there. 

We were assigned a table each & on top was our kit.



If my daughters have the fashion stores as their happy places to go, then I consider OUR HOME as my Forever 21. ;) 

Whenever we are in any of the SM malls, I always drop by their store & look around for that swoon-worthy piece of accessory, furniture or interior inspiration.

The last time I checked out the place, I found these.

*Immaculate white canvas pillows with simple graphics like the bicycle & the two birds perched on a tree branch, which I soooo love! :)


[half-an-hour in VANILLA CUPCAKE BAKERY]

I was 30 minutes early for a lunch date with my high school friend. I didn't want to wait inside my car so I looked for a place to stay in. Good thing, Vanilla Cupcake Bakery was already open.

For someone who is so into simple, minimalist interiors, I am surprised I felt drawn to this cupcake place. :)

The florals, the stripes, the chandeliers & mismatched chairs spell prettiness! ;)

Look at these.

the white TOLSBY frame (by IKEA) for the logo,


[DIY christmas tree]

By this time, an aunt's house is already prepped-up for the holidays. She has this cherry blossom Christmas tree perched in one corner of their living room.


[our scoops of MORELLI'S]

To end a filling lunch of pastas & flavored iced teas,  we all went for a gelato fix at Morelli's last Sunday.

It's so easy to spot this gelato cafe. The purple cans atop the white tufted counter wall are so conspicuous. :)

Don't you just love the contrast? :)

From their glass-encased display counter, you could see through a wide selection of creamy, yummy variants to choose from.

The girls & I went for a scoop each of pistachio, tiramisu,

& strawberry.

The health-conscious hubby chose the yogurt.

And while we sat by the big picture window enjoying our cups of gelato, we took in a spectacular view of the towering St. Francis Shangrila Place nearby.

Try Morelli's at Shangrila Plaza Mall East Wing & Power Plant Mall. 


[create interior mood boards in POLYVORE]

Aside from fashion pegs, interior design enthusiasts like me can now create interior mood boards in Polyvore.

I made fashion sets before & this time I would like to come up with home sets. I think it would be cool to layout interior inspirations. ;)

Here are my home set picks from Polyvore.



We stopped by KRISPY KREME for some coffee, donuts & iced tea after an hour of store-hopping in Marquee Mall last weekend.

I was already into my second sip of my cup of Cafe Americano when I saw the universal recycling symbol printed on the brown cup sleeve.


[my WEDNESDATE with mom]

My Wednesdays lately have been spent hearing mass & going to the local 'palengke' with my mom. My midweek dates with her sometimes include eating out. Maybe a not so good idea for someone who is forever on a diet but I guess my once-a-week time with her is reason enough to just go for it & forget calorie-counting & healthy-eating. ;)

Last week, we thought of doing brunch at Razon's of Guagua after buying our household's one week supply of veggies. The restaurant was just a stone's throw away from the church.


[sale alert : REGALONG PAMBAHAY]

If you are into buying nice home decors, accessories & gift items that have that global feel but locally handcrafted, then make sure to drop by Regalong Pambahay at SM Megamall. They are temporarily located at the 2/F escalator lobby, in front of Petit Monde.

One big reason to visit the place - they are on sale now at 20% off! ;)


[design peg series : LOUIS GHOST ARMCHAIR]

While waiting for Kirsten's turn to see the doctor,  the four of us stayed inside the skin care clinic's lounge. Then I saw a familiar modern iconic chair near the room's entrance.


[a box of BRAZO CUPS]

Maggie's yummy brazo de mercedes cups became the other star in the surprise baby shower party we hosted for Aimee. ;) 


[good food & HIGH SCHOOL memories]

Being an SAHM has its perks & one of the many is having the luxury of meeting up with good friends over lunch & coffee or tea for three hours tops.

I did just that when I went to see three high school buddies on separate occasions.

The first one was with Gemma & Miriam. We had a chance meeting at Mary Grace Cafe in Serendra Piazza earlier but decided to spend the rest of the day catching up.

[store finds : CANDLE HOLDERS & PICTURE FRAMES in ceramic white]

My penchant for all things white got heightened as I spotted these ceramic candle holders in the home section of an Ayala mall* near my hubby's hometown.

You can surely create pretty vignettes with these white pieces.

candle holders
(Php 699.75)



*Throw in just a hint of Christmas in your homes by placing one or two of these canvas pillows in your living areas. I like the simple typography & designs printed in gold & silver. Affordable at Php 130.00 each. 


[BLOGGING our way to friendship]

We are a tight bunch of momma bloggers who simply found ourselves gravitating toward each other. Virtual strangers in the beginning, but all that has changed in so short a time. All the blog-hopping & dropping of comments sparked an on-line camaraderie among us which later extended to meet-ups that happily led to this 'sisterhood'. :)

Finally, after missing a few playdates, I got to be with them during the Mommy Fleur Day in Acacia Estates, Taguig

l-r: Fleur with Anika, me, Dew, Maqui,
Maggie, Sha, Em & Aimee


I have been mall-hopping these days to look for holiday spruce inspirations, a delightful preoccupation actually. ;) From SM the previous week, this time I was at Landmark twice recently. I had a heyday looking around their picture-pretty Christmas tree displays. But unfortunately, they had this 'no picture-taking allowed' policy, so I am not able to share with you some of the nice things they have there. 

BUT, as I went around further, I eyed these 2 holiday-themed items for the home. These can work too as giveaways. :)

table napkins  



At noon today, I managed to squeeze in some window-shopping time at the home section of my fave department store.

Here are my latest fab finds.

*Throw pillow cases in light canvas material with vintage & travel prints. Php 120.00 each.


[one friday night at STACY'S]

Two Fridays ago, coffee time in a quaint diner somewhere in QC became a happy accident. Hubby, Kirsten & I spent a good couple of hours there while Jill was in a dance concert/fundraising activity nearby. I have heard a lot about STACY's from friends & I am glad we got to try it out that night. 

It is a cheerful place to dine in, with the interiors speaking for itself - white-washed walls, country-style furniture, vintage French chandeliers & pretty buntings as adornments. 


[winning the ZINIO giveaway]

I love reading home & lifestyle magazines & to have digital copies of them has been a long time wish. Good thing, a fellow mommy blogger Sha hosted an e-zine subscription giveaway from ZINIO.  I took my chance & joined. Three weeks later, I found out I won. Yay! ;)


[the hunt for CHRISTMAS DECORS - SM]

The onset of the -ber months signals the start of the Christmas season. Yes, as early as September, because by this time, holiday preps have begun. 

Of late, I have been doing the rounds of department stores to get holiday decor ideas. 

My first stop - SM. 

From among the many on display, these are some of the things that caught my fancy.

Faux Christmas trees in green - choose between simple with just the tivoli lights on or one bedecked with ornaments.



One time, my youngest mentioned to me a name of a store that sells 1D merchandise. It's CLAIRE'S, an international specialty retailer of jewelry & accessories & she said it recently opened somewhere near BHS/BGC. I remember having seen it In Market!Market!, so I took the girls there a couple of weeks after.

That day, the store was on sale. 



Two Thursdays ago,  I was with my best mommy buddies, Joy, Auji & Didit. Our last gastronomic outing a couple of months back took us to RUSTIC MORNINGS & QIZIA. I always look forward to seeing these ladies because we get to catch up on each others' lives while trying out restaurants & cafes. Fully aware of my blogging venture, they help me look for places to review while we share stories. ;)

Our day started early with breakfast taken at Pan de Amerikana. I had tapsilog (beef strips, fried rice & sunny side-up) with a cup of brewed coffee. Deliciously affordable at Php 95.00.


[OBRA PARA SA MUSIKA (OPM) : a PSID 2013 exhibit]

To mark its 46th anniversary, the Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID) Advanced Class of 2013 holds a graduation exhibit dubbed "OPM - Obra Para sa Musika" to showcase livable interior spaces inspired by select OPM songs of various genres & styles.


[customized ROMAN SHADES]

Window dressing our newly-built home was a predicament then. Never the frilly type, I thought of putting up roman shades instead. But the supplier we inquired from gave us a quotation of Php 50,000+ for all rooms on the G/F & 2/F. Talk about highway robbery! =(

So, when my mom mentioned that her curtain-maker, a local seamstress, does roman shades, I immediately contacted the lady & asked for an estimate. It was half the amount I initially got from the other supplier, but still way out of my budget. :( Since I wanted more savings, I decided to go for the roman shades only in the living, dining & family rooms. The seamstress then gave me another amount, this time at around Php 15,000.00 - Php 18,000.00. Still a no-no for me. Then she gave me an option. She would buy the mechanisms & other accessories at cost while we would provide the wooden support brackets. The latter would be easy on our part because hubby has his reliable handy men to do it for us.

This is what we came up with - our customized roman shades.

pulley mechanisms


[a REWARD for every cup of COFFEE]

My family loves to 'chillax' in cafes after having a hearty meal. We would spend an hour or two just enjoying the coziness of the place, reading a magazine or surfing the net. Two of our favorite hangout places are STARBUCKS


[my girls in their SKATER SKIRTS]

A lot of teen girls these days  are seen sporting skater skirts. 

Including my daughters.

Considered as a wardrobe staple, the skater skirt has been called such because it resembles a figure skating outfit-fitted at the waist & flared out into an A-line silhouette.   


Here are some stylish celebrities wearing theirs.

miranda kerr

taylor swift

ashley tisdale