[half-an-hour in VANILLA CUPCAKE BAKERY]

I was 30 minutes early for a lunch date with my high school friend. I didn't want to wait inside my car so I looked for a place to stay in. Good thing, Vanilla Cupcake Bakery was already open.

For someone who is so into simple, minimalist interiors, I am surprised I felt drawn to this cupcake place. :)

The florals, the stripes, the chandeliers & mismatched chairs spell prettiness! ;)

Look at these.

the white TOLSBY frame (by IKEA) for the logo,

the vintage furnishings : a hodgepodge of chairs

the floral pendant lamps, the wooden beaded chandeliers & the play of patterns on the wall

During the short wait, I had this pair to enjoy -  a piece of coffee walnut cupcake

& hot green tea served in a floral teapot. :)

***Vanilla Cupcake Bakery
   G/F UP Town Center
   Diliman, QC

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