If you want splashes of color in your indoor or outdoor spaces, then having these home accessories would do just that.

*Moroccan & star-shaped lanterns with colorful 'sampaguita' glass panels

[store finds : THROW PILLOWS]

For this year, I didn't buy yards of fabric for a new set of curtains.  Instead, I got throw pillow covers just so our home is dressed up for the holidays.

For the living room,

Php 179.75 each, Landmark


[homemade DETOX WATER]

Let's face it. We get a lot of toxins from the processed foods we take in everyday. So, we need to purge them out & detoxify.

Although there are commercial brands of detox juices, I decided to first try making one for myself. I searched online for recipes & found this.  

I went for the lemon-cucumber-mint recipe since the 3 ingredients are available in your favorite supermarkets. 

I just used a piece each of lemon & cucumber (all washed thoroughly & sliced thinly) & then added 2 sprigs of mint leaves to a liter of water. If you can afford it, buy organic.


Discovered the Living Well home store at SM Aura while on a date with hubby. 

It is a haven for homemakers/bakers/crafters as there are a thousand & one things that you will fancy buying & bringing home with you.

Like these from the Martha Stewart line -

the craft punches

edge, lace, circle punches



My penchant for wall decals carries over to our house. I have placed a set on one of our walls & I haven't taken them out since. I like how it transforms a plain, white-washed wall into something of interest.

And so I chanced upon a brand of wall decals while I was looking around The Handyman store in Robinson's Metro East.

It's the WALL POPS, a wall sticker product with various designs to choose from (in prints or solid colors).


[inside some MILK TEA PLACES]

Although the milk tea craze has waned a bit, my girls & I still get our fix whenever we crave for it or a tea shop is just nearby.

Aside from their milk tea concoctions, the overall look of the interiors is another plus factor why we love going here.

Take a look.

CHATIME (Trinoma)

- decorative MDF wall panels, mosaic tiles, textured walls, tufted stools, modern drop lamps


[SHOPPING for my teen fashionistas]

My daughters are so into fashion that shopping for garbs is what they love doing. 

They have Lookbook & Tumblr to turn to for fashion inspirations. That's why, every time we go out on a once-a-month retail therapy, we scour different stores to give us more style & price options.

From known clothing retail stores, bazaars or department stores, my girls have discovered these havens for their fashion finds. The only place left to buy from is an online shop. The truth is, I am a little wary of online transactions especially when it has something to do with plastic cards. Identity thefts, unauthorized purchases, undelivered items do happen & those are what I frown upon. But for a lot of my friends who have long been into online shopping, I hardly hear a negative feedback. They say it's so convenient & hassle-free.

I am glad there are online shopping sites like Zalora,

that offer free shipping for orders at a minimum amount of 1000, cash upon delivery so you no longer use your credit card, several payment options & best of all, returns are accepted free of charge within a 30-day period. With that, online shopping becomes easy & fun.

I think I will try this store for some holiday shopping with my teen fashionistas. Soon. ;)


[store finds : FOLDABLE FLATS]

Foldable shoes are so convenient. All folded-up & safely tucked inside a pouch, it can fit in your purse or bag, carry & wear it everyday. Great for when your heels are killing you or you just need to change into something casual.

But then, a pair can be pricey, too. The ones I have seen being sold in stores command a price from Php 600 up. The budget-conscious mom just had to look away. 

Until I saw this in SM.



I know. I really should stop indulging in sugar-loaded food such as ice cream because the excess weight won't go away. Blame it on age or my procrastination on that much delayed weight-loss project, but there's something in  desserts that make you happy despite...

And so, Jill & I discovered one day how yummy the new cookie butter Mcflurry is. ;)

We loved the "brown mix-in that carries a cinnamon-spiced cookie flavor & aroma". It was also generously drizzled with caramel.

It's best that you finish the ice cream before it melts. By the time we reached home, mine was slowly turning into a milk shake. But right before it got completely liquefied, I cut up a piece of banana & magically turned it into a banana split of sorts, minus the whipped cream. 

Definitely more fun to eat it this time. Plus, healthier too! ;)

Can be had for only Php 45.00 a cup at any McDonald's store.