[inside some MILK TEA PLACES]

Although the milk tea craze has waned a bit, my girls & I still get our fix whenever we crave for it or a tea shop is just nearby.

Aside from their milk tea concoctions, the overall look of the interiors is another plus factor why we love going here.

Take a look.

CHATIME (Trinoma)

- decorative MDF wall panels, mosaic tiles, textured walls, tufted stools, modern drop lamps

TWITTEA (Antipolo)

- upcycled wood for the column cladding & menu/memo board, polished concrete floors, pine wood for the tables & chairs, post-it wall boards, bird cages & hurricane lamps as lighting fixtures


- accent wall in floral-printed paper, upholstered velvet for the booth chairs & ottomans

INFINITEA (Antipolo)

- tiled service counter walls, upholstered chairs, ottomans & decorative pvc chairs, metal dining sets, separate indoor & outdoor seating areas, post-it wall boards & writing counter

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