[SHOPPING for my teen fashionistas]

My daughters are so into fashion that shopping for garbs is what they love doing. 

They have Lookbook & Tumblr to turn to for fashion inspirations. That's why, every time we go out on a once-a-month retail therapy, we scour different stores to give us more style & price options.

From known clothing retail stores, bazaars or department stores, my girls have discovered these havens for their fashion finds. The only place left to buy from is an online shop. The truth is, I am a little wary of online transactions especially when it has something to do with plastic cards. Identity thefts, unauthorized purchases, undelivered items do happen & those are what I frown upon. But for a lot of my friends who have long been into online shopping, I hardly hear a negative feedback. They say it's so convenient & hassle-free.

I am glad there are online shopping sites like Zalora,

that offer free shipping for orders at a minimum amount of 1000, cash upon delivery so you no longer use your credit card, several payment options & best of all, returns are accepted free of charge within a 30-day period. With that, online shopping becomes easy & fun.

I think I will try this store for some holiday shopping with my teen fashionistas. Soon. ;)


  1. Eh kaya the mom is also a fashown! I miss you Peach!

    1. Hi maggie! Miss you, too! Meron ba tyong christmas party?

  2. Hi, Miss Peachy! :) Nice blog! I own an online shop together with my sister. I hope you and your girls can check it out. Our online store is Pixie Dust.

    xx Dianne


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