be in GOD's company,

harvest the blessings,

register & join this year's  KERYGMA CONFERENCE!

from november 18-20, 2011 (friday till sunday), various streams/talks will be held at different venues:
  • youth stream: transformers: rise of the youth - world trade center tent, 19 nov 2011, 8am-5pm, ticket price php 300.00
  • inner healing stream:  renew the glory - picc reception hall, 19 nov 2011, 8am-5pm, ticket price php 600.00
  • faith stream:  the glory of believing - le pavillon, 19 nov 2011, 8am-5pm, ticket price php 600.00
  • solo parents stream:  raising glory - picc meeting room 11, 19 nov 2011, 8am-5pm, ticket price php 600.00
  • single blessedness stream:  a glorious calling - picc meeting room 12, 19 nov 2011, 8am-5pm, ticket price php 600.00
  • leadership conference: real glory - picc plenary hall, ccp conplex, 18 nov 2011, 8am-5pm, ticket price php 800.00
  • family stream: multiply the glory - picc plenary hall, ccp conplex, 19 nov 2011, 8am-5pm, ticket price php 600.00
  • singles stream: go for glory - aliw theater, 19 nov 2011, 8am-5pm, ticket price php 600.00
on the last day, a GRAND FEAST- with holy mass & special ministering time with Bo Sanchez - will be held at the picc plenary & reception halls, ccp complex from 5pm-8pm.

block-off the dates & go here for additional details.

*photo source - facebook account of  kerygma conference
*video source - youtube

[SM homeworld decorates with holiday flair]

i grabbed this copy from the sm megamall home store yesterday.

2011 holiday catalogue

this is a good source of  holiday decorating ideas:

go visit sm home stores now to get your own copies & see their latest holiday displays.  

[the DOMINO effect]

sometime early 2009, the online magazine, DOMINO closed shop  just when i was beginning to enjoy looking through the pages. i came to know about the magazine through the copies my aunt litz gave me during their last manila visit. they're back copies, yes, but i certainly don't mind, since they are page-turners. 

what's inside DOMINO mag:  featured homes, articles on home decorating, entertaining, editor's picks on "editor's cravings", a contributor's "10 things that make me happy", home finds on "scouting".

and because it became love-at-first-browse, i sweetly requested hubby to buy me the hard-bound DOMINO, the book of decorating which i got for more or less Php 1,300. this book is so worth the price!


"vintage modern" style

mix & match how-to's

 jazzing up a kid's room

decor tips

by the way, a piece of good news - DOMINO magazine is now back on-line via www.brides.com. i accidentally found it while looking for interior design pictures & websites. see here and get inspired by it's many home style ideas.


[a breath of fresh air]

did you know that putting house plants inside a room not only give a touch of nature in it but also make it a healthier place to be in?

from an article i read in good housekeeping, usa, a released study conducted by NASA & LANDCARE NETWORK revealed that several common house plants take away airborne toxins, such as benzene,  formaldehyde & carbon monoxide from the air. in fact, they removed as much as 87% of these chemicals from the air in a 24-hour period. one plant for every 100 square feet (or 9.29 square meters) will give you the best results, with even a few plants making a difference.

consider these house plants when decorating your home:

bamboo palm


boston fern

english ivy

peace lily

spider plant

gerbera daisy
for more info on the health & well-being advantages of indoor plants, check here . 

photo source: GOOGLE images


[distinctly ADELE]

i first heard this chanteuse singing over jill's iPod. i like her because of her distinct soulful voice (categorized as contralto-the deepest female classical singing voice with the lowest tessitura, falling between tenor & mezzo-soprano).

ADELE or adele laurie blue adkins in real life, is a multi-awarded English singer-songwriter born on may 2, 1988. she was a graduate of the BRIT school for performing arts & technology. among her classmates were leona lewis & jessie j.

other ADELE trivia :
  • in 2009, she won the awards for best new artist & best female pop vocal performance
  • her album & album track someone like you reached no. 1 for 4 consecutive weeks
  • at age 4, she would impersonate the spice girls at dinner parties
  • 1st studio album, 19 became #11 on Billboard 200 with chasing pavements in #25 & was certified gold in feb 2009
  • 2nd studio album, 21 became #1 album with someone like you hitting straight to #1 in the UK singles chart & 1st single rolling in the deep hitting #1 in 8 countries including the Billboard Hot 100) in 2011
listen now to ADELE

someone like you

rolling in the deep

chasing pavements

to know more about the lady & her music, go to her site.


[of wreaths & trees]

clicking the "holidays/christmas" tab on martha stewart's website, i found & chose wreaths & christmas tree trimming ideas i like:



silver bells






faux cookies


old magazines

candy holders & baskets



kid-proof ornaments

farm animals


angels & stars


3D objects

crystal baubles

with christmas barely a whiff away, why don't you start getting those holiday inspirations, unpack your trees & decors,  & deck your homes now.