[almost IKEA]

my sister, who came back from the states,  bought these for me from IKEA. this,  i guess, is the closest i can get to having an IKEA item... =)

colorful PLASTIS ice cube trays in heart & flower shapes. they are made of flexible synthetic rubber that won't crack. 

IKEA is a favorite home store which i have always wanted to go to. actually, i already got the opportunity to visit one store in hk during our trip there. but, for some reason, probably due to our tight schedule, i never got to see it.

anyway, for those who would like to check out their merchandise, take an IKEA tour now & enjoy online window shopping...

p.s. there is yet to be an IKEA franchise here, but there are already stores like 5 CORNERS that carry IKEA products. it has branches in pioneer, mandaluyong, white plains & kamias, both in quezon city. i have gone to their kamias store but i heard the pioneer branch, which i have yet to see, is bigger & with a wider range of products being sold. click 5 CORNERS now.

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