[the DOMINO effect]

sometime early 2009, the online magazine, DOMINO closed shop  just when i was beginning to enjoy looking through the pages. i came to know about the magazine through the copies my aunt litz gave me during their last manila visit. they're back copies, yes, but i certainly don't mind, since they are page-turners. 

what's inside DOMINO mag:  featured homes, articles on home decorating, entertaining, editor's picks on "editor's cravings", a contributor's "10 things that make me happy", home finds on "scouting".

and because it became love-at-first-browse, i sweetly requested hubby to buy me the hard-bound DOMINO, the book of decorating which i got for more or less Php 1,300. this book is so worth the price!


"vintage modern" style

mix & match how-to's

 jazzing up a kid's room

decor tips

by the way, a piece of good news - DOMINO magazine is now back on-line via www.brides.com. i accidentally found it while looking for interior design pictures & websites. see here and get inspired by it's many home style ideas.

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