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last saturday night, the 4 of us headed off to eastwood to try out the RAMEN bar. but from where we were parked, it was too far off so, instead of turning JAPANESE, we opted to turn KOREAN instead.

KOGI BULGOGI, is the first & only korean restaurant in eastwood city. KOGI means "meat" in korean but the term KOGI BULGOGI is used to refer to someone who specializes in bulgogi dishes.

we ordered these :

banchan (side dishes) - mussels, kimchi, cold tofu

banchan (side dishes) - anchovies, salad, bean sprouts

every korean meal includes anywhere from 2-12 side dishes (banchan), the  most important & well-known is kimchi.

iced tea (with 1 refill)

soft shell crab salad
 favorite greens embellished with soft shell crab 


bibimbap, a signature korean dish, is a word which literally means "mixed meal". it is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul (sauteed & seasoned vegetables) & gochujang (chili pepper paste). a raw or fried egg & sliced meat (usually beef) are commonly added. the ingredients are stirred together thoroughly just before eating.

we ordered the following bibimbap variants: dulsot (beef) for julius, chicken for me,  jeyuk (pork) for kirsten & sae-u (shrimp) for jillian. our bibimbaps, by the way, were served in heated stone pots.


jjampong is a spicy noodle soup flavored with onions & chili oil. the noodles are made from wheat flour. we requested our jjamppong to be mildly spicy.

overall, we found the food yummy. however, since the place was jampacked that night, we had to wait to be seated (but only for a short while). unfortunately, we had to content ourselves with the outside seating area since we were already famished.  dining in a "smoking area" was a bad idea (well, always is) because for the entire time, the second-hand smoke coming from the 3 guys behind us made eating "unbearable". next time, we'll make sure to dine inside.

photo source: KOGI BULGOGI website

try out the place. look here first to get ideas on what to order.

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