[SG part deux 2013 : CHANGI AIRPORT]

After 7 years of existence, CHANGI AIRPORT has been touted as the world's most-awarded 'Best Airport'. And for someone who has been here recently, I can say that this airport deserves the more than 420 accolades it has received. Tourists who make the transit here get the best in airport experience. 

Inside Changi & the reasons for the praises.

Arrival Area (Terminal 2)

The area is clean & well-lit.

[SG part deux 2013 : NEW FOOD TRIES]

One of the perks of travelling is you get to taste local food. In our recent trip to Singapore, we have picked up on, relished & fancied some dishes & beverages in the many places we have dined in.


Akin to our local 'halo-halo', this is an ice-cold dessert which contains jelly, red beans (kachang), sweet corn & attap chee (palm seeds) & topped off with a mound of shaved ice, multi-colored syrups & condensed milk. It is served in either a tall glass or  bowl. 

subtle sweetness,
minimal toppings &
the almost granular snow ice
that melts in your mouth 


[hk sojourn 2011: AVENUE OF STARS]

Coming from The Peak Tower & Madame Tussauds Museum via the ferry boat ride, we reached this place modeled after Hollywood's Walk of Fame. The Avenue of Stars honors celebrities of the Hong Kong film industry.

[no cooking needed]

Do you live in a hurried household, where cooking for two or just a few is at times not a welcome chore?

Then this recipe, which my hubby concocted & always prepared during mealtimes on our maidless days, will get those hungry tummies satisfied. Effortlessly. ;)

You will need :

1 80-g can corned tuna (chili or the regular variant, if you're not into spicy food)

1-2 medium-sized ripe tomatoes, diced or sliced

1 medium sized red onion,  diced or sliced

1 hard-boiled egg or 1 salted egg, diced or sliced

1-2 pieces of calamansi, juice extracted

a pinch or two of salt 



We took this ferry boat ride to take us to the Hong Kong island


[hk sojourn 2011: CITYGATE OUTLETS]

We took the Disneyland train going to Tung Chung, where the Citygate Outlets is. This is our initial stop where we had breakfast & made the rounds of the stores before taking the Ngong Ping cable car ride & village adventure.

The ticket machine


[store finds: VEGGIE CHIPS]

If you want to snack on something 'veggie good', then try this.


[that certain AURA]

The high-end SM AURA Premier opened its doors just last weekend. As expected, people came in droves to see what's new. From what we saw, this mall is different, in a good way, design & workmanship-wise. 


[hk sojourn 2011: NGONG PING 360 & NGONG PING VILLAGE]

After Disneyland, this became our next stop the following day. This was recommended by two of our close friends because they said it's worth the experience.

After taking our breakfast at McDonald's, we walked our way towards the NGONG PING 360 terminal at TUNG CHUNG.


[and ANIKA makes 3]

Was it only yesterday when it was just the two of us?

Our meeting & working together sometime in 2004 paved the way to a long-time friendship that has taken us through the highs & lows. My being 15 years her senior has probably something to do with it. Much of a boon rather than a bane. She is the younger sister I never had & I her 'ate'. Our age difference somehow brought out the best in us & contributed to this sisterhood. And now, someone has entered the picture, a welcome addition to the equation - ANIKA.

[LIAPOT turns 2]

Marsy's toddler daughter, LIA, just turned 2 years old. The girls & I were invited & got to join in the fun.

The young family of 3 posed for a posterity shot with the Jollibee characters.

[comfort food]

Hubby & I went back with the girls to SLICE today



We bought some nice, affordable bags in the two malls we visited this weekend. 

A light brown satchel bag


[hk sojourn 2011: DISNEYLAND PART 2]

After taking that safari boat ride in ADVENTURELAND, we went to FANTASYLAND, a place where 'Disney stories come to life'. 

Jillian excitedly posed in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. 

[hk sojourn 2011: DISNEYLAND PART 1]

"One is never too old for Disney."

This is exactly what came to my mind when I decided to book our family trip to HK Disneyland the summer of 2011. Since my daughters just stepped out of grade school & high school, I thought of this trip as our graduation gifts to them.

I transacted online for our plane tickets & hotel accommodations. For the theme park tickets, ours were purchased at the main entrance upon our arrival at the hotel. As booked guests, we were entitled to reserved tickets. 

After taking a cab from the airport, we went straight to the park since it was  too early for check-in. We had  a look-see first of the area & took pictures.



A close friend suggested for us to stay in one of the hotels inside Disneyland for convenience's sake.  Though the hotel rates are much higher inside the theme park, I decided to just go for it since I wanted this trip to be filled with good memories for the girls. =)

I booked  online for our Hollywood Hotel stay. Right after a short peek & some photo ops at the theme park entrance, we went straight to the hotel to check in.

The hotel's theme is Hollywood with all-things-Disney. Kids & kids-at-heart would love to be in a place like this. It brings out only happy feelings. ;)

Driveway entry.



So lucky to be married to a Kapampangan because we get to relish their cuisine every time we crave for good food. 

When hubby brought us here the first time, the girls & I were instant fans!  This place serves no ordinary home-cooked meals. The flavors are more defined. 

Yesterday, we found ourselves going back to this place for lunch. We just came from Kirsten's orthodontist appointment, the clinic being just around the area.

We had these.

rice & soup


[wish i had a son]

My girls are already our blessings. But when I see a  boy this adorable & talented, secretly, I wish I also had a son. ;)

Four-year-old KAI sang Bruno Mars songs when he guested twice in the Ellen Show.


[19 years of mommyhood]

These girls are, & will always be, my reasons why I celebrate Mothers' Day with a thankful heart.


[get the cutting-BRANDEDGE]

Step into this new game-changing retail store located at Level 3 of the C2 Building at Bonifacio High Street Central. 


[my SLICE of friendship with MOMMY FLEUR]

We agreed to just meet up after Anika's birthday bash last April 9. It's been awhile since we had girl talk. After 2 postponements, we finally did an early dinner/ tête-à-tête yesterday at SLICE, BHS Central.


[ANIKA gets her birthday wish]

My goddaughter, Anika had a Doc McStuffins birthday in their home a month ago. 



I've got new beverage finds for my family! ;)

Another cappuccino mix I discovered & which hubby also liked instantly because of it's subtle sweetness, similar to the other brand. It also comes with a packet of choco sprinkles, to give you that authentic taste.


We all have seen them countless times being sold in bazaars & specialty stores. I was never into buying this type of bag until I saw this one made of recycled shampoo foil sachets.


[store finds: 'BACBAC' FLOOR LAMP & OTTOMAN]

When we were furnishing our family area then, I wanted something in wood or any organic material to match the daybed & the entertainment center. So, I tried my luck here


Found these while going around the OUR HOME store last Sunday.

Ceramic 'iconic buildings' that you can use as scented candle/tealight holders or tabletop decors. You can have them at Php 999.00 a piece.



[store finds: 2 for Php 800 or Php 1200 T-SHIRTS]

We love COTTON-ON's t-shirt promo '2 for Php 1,200 or Php 800'!

At their Megamall & Glorietta 3 branches, we got these

for me, 

2 for Php 1,200.00


[awesummer MANDAUE FOAM sale 2013]

Guess which home store is on sale again?