[my SLICE of friendship with MOMMY FLEUR]

We agreed to just meet up after Anika's birthday bash last April 9. It's been awhile since we had girl talk. After 2 postponements, we finally did an early dinner/ tête-à-tête yesterday at SLICE, BHS Central.

I arrived minutes before her. The place was almost full. 

Good thing, we got this cozy spot in one corner near the entrance.

I had the Seafood Puttanesca (shrimp & salmon with lightly-creamed puttanesca sauce tossed in fresh gourmet squid ink fettuccine pasta).

with a glass of cold Kalemonade (kamote tops-infused lemonade).

Hers was the Open-faced Roast Chicken Sandwich (tender strips of chicken on mashed sweet potato with gravy), which she also had with the kalemonade.

For dessert, we shared this calorie-laden but yummy  Cupcake Banana Split (2 slice cupcakes & 1 large scoop of mantecado ice cream with slices of banana, drizzles of homemade fudge, & sprinkles of choco chips, crushed nuts & edible pearls).

We had only 2 hours to catch up with each other as she still had to go "outfit shopping" for their group outing that weekend. ;) 

Short but sweet nevertheless, our stay in SLICE to celebrate an 8-year-old friendship made it worthwhile. =) 

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