[hk sojourn 2011: DISNEYLAND PART 2]

After taking that safari boat ride in ADVENTURELAND, we went to FANTASYLAND, a place where 'Disney stories come to life'. 

Jillian excitedly posed in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. 

Kirsten tried on a hat inside the Winnie the Pooh souvenir shop.

Entrance to the Fantasy Gardens, where you meet, greet & pose with Disney Characters. We weren't able to do the photo ops because so many people were lining up for this.

Kirsten led us to the Animation Academy.

Live animation in action.

A  preview of the soon-to-be built Mystic Manor

& Mystic Point.

Entrance to the Fantasy Train ride.

Waiting for the train to take us to a scenic journey around Disneyland.

Antique steam-style locomotives.

Scenes from the train ride.

Passed by one of the kiosks selling this Mickey Mouse pancake.

Last stop was Tomorrowland.

We went back to try out these rides.

The Orbitron.

The Autopia. 
The hub & I went behind the wheel & maneuvered the car along the tracks.

At the Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters.

Inside, you team up with Buzz Lightyear, spin your Star Cruisers 360 degrees while you fire handheld laser cannons. I had fun blasting away. ;)

The Space Mountain. We didn't ride this because the parents (that's us) disliked the idea of roundabouts, sudden dips & fast speeds. ;)

We had noodle soups for dinner in one of the food stalls nearby. But we found these not yummy though. =(

We stayed up till nighttime to see the castle light up. The spectacle gave the grown-ups that feeling of being kids again. ;)

We walked further back to Main Street to see the fireworks display.

At the Main Street Sweets shop.

We went inside to take a peek.

Sweets & pastries haven!

Novelty pens galore!

Cuddly Mickeys & Minnies.

The girls with their fuzzy picks.

Other Main Street stores.

Experiencing Disneyland for one day was fun but we thought the time we spent there was not enough. I was also disappointed  that we didn't get to see the Flights of Fantasy parade, a highlight activity of the theme park. ;( So, for those who plan to visit the place, make sure you don't miss the parade.

***photo credits to my daughters.

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