[comfort food]

Hubby & I went back with the girls to SLICE today

to get our fill of its healthy but yummy versions of these favorite Filipino comfort food.

The BROWN ARROZ CALDO, chicken breast chunks with brown rice infused with ginger & turmeric. Comes with an egg.


And the CHAMPORADO, a bowl of granola served with banana & peanut butter with a choice of either milk chocolate or Belgian dark chocolate.

delicious 'uncooked' variety 

These are definitely 'must-tries'! =)


  1. Suki na sa slice ha! :)

    Twas nice to finally meet you yesterday, mommy Peach. Nahiya ako to insist pa na magpapicture kasi mukhang nagmamadali na kayo and mukhang matatagalan pa yung mga nasa photo booth.

    Anywoot, hope to see you again with the girls.. (and Akira and Khan).

    1. Ako, happy din to meet you at last, obvious ba sa hug ko? ;) yes, sorry, we had to rush back to join hubby sa megamall. Dapat merong nxt time. ;)


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