[that certain AURA]

The high-end SM AURA Premier opened its doors just last weekend. As expected, people came in droves to see what's new. From what we saw, this mall is different, in a good way, design & workmanship-wise. 

While inside, these caught my eye.

The drop lights that look like a school of fish floating in mid-air.

The undulating curves of the hallways & stairwell gave that sculptural form. The trademark skylights are still there but leaning more on fluid lines.

The home section of the SM department store is love!;)

The visual display has that classy feel this time, with black & white items on display shelves made of laminated wood & stainless steel supports. I like the stainless steel + bleached wood + white schemes that they used.

This stainless steel decorative screen stands out for me.

And the wallpapers on the sidewalls have  that touch of whimsy.

We went further up the deck, to this promenade area dubbed as the SKYPARK. Shades of Marina Bay Sands? ;)

The stretched fabric or tensile roof for the walkway.

The glass enclosure for the stairwells.

This folded-up steel & glass structure is actually

a curtain wall that closes down & serves as wall protection when weather conditions turn severe.

Full control is located on the sides.

Only a few specialty stores have opened - fashion, services, bakeshops & of course the department store & supermarket. The FOOD ON FOUR or the food court is likewise operational.

Check out the place, in a month or two, since many stores will be open by then.

Interiors : EDGE DESIGN
26th Street corner McKinley Parkway at Fort Bonifacio


  1. Haven't been here :( Maganda ba talaga mare? Must schedule a trip soon. OP na OP na ako. hahaha :)

    1. Yes, a 'must see' if you're appreciative of architecture & interiors.

      Wag ka na muna pumunta. Sabi nila, 'jologs' daw ang mga nagpunta ng opening. ;)

  2. Ahahaha! Natawa naman ako dun sa "jologs". Khan said that after mag Market2 ng mga tao, SM Aura ang punta nila and Vice Versa :)

    Would love to see and take photos of the place. Ang problema lang, pareho kami ni Khan ang may gustong mag-picture. Walang mag-aalaga kay akira. Hahaha.

    Pag madami ng open, jan tayo punta :)

    1. hay naku, em! meron pa nga akong gustong irapan nung merong 'pa-soshal' na mga ladies na nag-react nung narinig nla click ng phonecam ko when i took a picture of the stairs & skylights. sabi ba naman 'ano yun?!' sabay tingin at taas kilay sa akin. :/


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