[no cooking needed]

Do you live in a hurried household, where cooking for two or just a few is at times not a welcome chore?

Then this recipe, which my hubby concocted & always prepared during mealtimes on our maidless days, will get those hungry tummies satisfied. Effortlessly. ;)

You will need :

1 80-g can corned tuna (chili or the regular variant, if you're not into spicy food)

1-2 medium-sized ripe tomatoes, diced or sliced

1 medium sized red onion,  diced or sliced

1 hard-boiled egg or 1 salted egg, diced or sliced

1-2 pieces of calamansi, juice extracted

a pinch or two of salt 

Prepare the basic ingredients. 

*Dice or slice the tomatoes & onions.

*Boil the egg or if it's a salted egg, just peel it off & chop it up.

*Open the can of corned tuna, with the sauce still intact.

*In a serving bowl, mix up all the ingredients, just as you would when preparing salads. 

*Add the dressing made of calamansi juice & a pinch or two of salt. Adjust according to taste.

This easy, no-cook tuna meal is now ready to be served.  Best taken with a cup of hot steamed rice. 

Try this! :)


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