[ANIKA gets her birthday wish]

My goddaughter, Anika had a Doc McStuffins birthday in their home a month ago. 

I went with the girls

to this prepped-up party place.

But busy (& forgetful) me, I failed to buy a present for the little girl during her party. I offered a monetary gift, but the mom would not hear of it.;) So, 2 weeks following that, I bought this  for her in ToyTown Glorietta. The girls helped me pick this one out.

ICHIBO dough toy set
(Bell's Doughnuts)

It is a non-toxic, non-stick, oil free dough toy set which can be repeatedly & continuously used. Once the  dough becomes hard, you just add water to soften & smoothen it. 

There were other variants to choose from the shelf. We picked the doughnuts set because it reminds us of the real ones from Krispy Kreme & JCo. ;)

Anyway, when I told Fleur that it's a dough toy set, she got excited for Anika as it was exactly what the little girl wants. That night, when the mom got home after our SLICE meet-up, she posted pictures of giddy little Anika playing with her toy.

The 'ninang' was just as happy to have granted the birthday girl's wish & put a smile on her pretty little face. =)

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