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Step into this new game-changing retail store located at Level 3 of the C2 Building at Bonifacio High Street Central. 

BRANDEDGE offers top-of-the-line, forward-looking, lifestyle brands from all over the globe.

I was led into this store with sleek white interiors    illuminated with big pendant lamps & recessed lights. Their products were displayed in modern, glass-encased cabinets.

left side
shop window
main door in frameless glass panels 
with stainless steel door handles 
right side
shop window

The central display area & reception counter.

The built-in display shelves.

Their award-winning "products of the future".

*The DOTHEBAG, a stylish innovative bag made of high quality fabric used for soft-top convertibles like Ferrari, BMW, Porsche , Mercedes & Jaguar. The fabric is water-repellant, easy-to-clean, temperature-resistant; no material cracking & virtually indestructible. What's unusual about this carrying bag is that it remains upright even if it contains only a few items. It is also secured with the Tenax Safety Lock. 

*The E-CLOTH, a revolutionary micro-fibre cloth that has enormous cleaning power. With its 480,00- fibres per cm2, it is able to lift & collect the dirt between each strand, leaving no residue. It is made of 20% polyamide which makes it super absorbent, up to 7 times its weight in water.  It is re-usable - just machine/hand or boil wash it.

*The HUMANGEAR. The GoToob/GoTubb travel containers & dispensers are approved for airplane carry-on. Its special "no-drip" valve ensures the liquid inside does not explode while subjected to the pressurized cabin of a plane. It has the patented soft material that is squeezable for easy dispensing. It is also FDA food-safe.

*The IIAMO. It is a self-warming baby bottle that heats in less than 4 minutes, warming the milk to the recommended temperature of 37°C with no electricity.

It consists of three parts: the iiamo go, the iiamo warm and the iiamo flow. The iiamo go, or the bottle, is made of the plastic material polypropylene (PP) and can be disassembled completely. This makes it much easier to clean the bottle and you can be completely certain that there will be no old leftovers remaining from previous feedings. Additionally, the iiamo flow has a built-in anti-colic airing system. The iiamo warm is a heater consisting of salt and water, and the secret behind iiamo go. This component heats milk using only salt and water with a warming effect that originates from the rehydration of dried salt. The salt and water mixture in the iiamo warm cartridge has been carefully calculated based on the assumption that the milk is at room temperature when poured into the bottle, and that the go bottle is filled with 170 – 180 ml milk or formula, in order to achieve the 37°C temperature in approximately 4 minutes.

*The ONELESSDROP. It is a power cord anchor for your iPads & notebooks. It is made of solid block of recycled & recyclable aluminum. It has  custom-molded & press fit non-slip feet that is removable & cleaned with soapy water to gain back the "gripy-ness".

*The SENZ umbrella. It has an unusual shape. The aerodynamic design doesn't make the umbrella flip inside-out in the wind. It also has special features like the ergonomic handle, UV protection UPF 50+ & the  protective eyesavers on the tips of the canopy.

*The USLU Airlines. It is a line of nail colors & polish removers. All colors have airport names. 

I got to try their products.

put on polish
get a small amount of
polish remover
dab & wait a few seconds
then wipe off

*The WINDFALL. It is an elegant & secure point-of-sale stand for your iPads. Its body is one continuous piece of thick, laser-cut steel; finished with durable powdercoat. Your iPad is assembled within the WindFall with four tamper-resistant machine screws. This design provides the right amount of security to prevent snatch-and-run iPad theft in retail settings. Assembly tool included. 

Other features are its compatibility with many popular card readers plus it has the Kensington Security Slot in its face and in its base - perfect for creating secure, ad-hoc point-of-sale stations and tradeshow information kiosks. 

*The VIPP. It is a line of toilet & bath, laundry or kitchen accessories. 

laundry & trash bins

toilet & bath accessories

Finally, the one I want! ;)

*The ONELESSOFFICE. It is a nesting-type office equipment set that is so compact that when not in use, it is easily placed against the wall, occupying only a foot of room space. It also features integrated wire management & security cable anchoring holes at the back. The custom-made powdercoats feature a fine texture & 80% gloss level - just the right mix of shine, durability & fingerprint-resistance. Available colors are Graphite, Sky White, Silver, Bright Red & Special Edition Glossy Clear. 

top to bottom:
monitor or printer shelf,
keyboard or laptop desk,
chair &
file box
So, if you are looking for innovative, functional products that are also eye candies, go visit their store now & get that BRANDEDGE difference. 

Unit 314, 3rd Level,C2 Building 
Bonifacio High Street Central
7th Avenue corner 28thStreet
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 
(+632)808-6286 / (+632) 556-4139 



  1. I love the last piece. The color and structure matches iMac. Ang galing!


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