[awesummer MANDAUE FOAM sale 2013]

Guess which home store is on sale again?

Hubby & I visited the Cainta branch of MANDAUE FOAM last Saturday. There were few pieces left, probably because most, if not all, of the items on sale here are really nice ones. Here were some of the merchandise still available that time.

dining sets

living room sets


bed frames & mattresses

tabletop decors

The sale started on April 20 & will end this Sunday, May 5. Discounts are up to 50% off but may vary depending on the categories.

Hurry before the ones you might like, run out. Find the branch nearest you.


  1. OMG. I missed it (by a month). Haha! Grrr. I haven't been to Mandaue Foan, but I'm planning to go soon. I'm filling up a model townhouse unit with pieces. Are their prices affordable?

    1. Moderately affordable, ging. That's why i always go when there is a sale, kaya lang madaling maubos yung items that i like. :(

      Pa view naman ng model unit nyo when its done. ;)


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