[hk sojourn 2011: NGONG PING 360 & NGONG PING VILLAGE]

After Disneyland, this became our next stop the following day. This was recommended by two of our close friends because they said it's worth the experience.

After taking our breakfast at McDonald's, we walked our way towards the NGONG PING 360 terminal at TUNG CHUNG.

They had an on-going package promo then, so we took it.

We were among many who queued up for this cable car ride. 

While in line, we had this view of the Tung Chung area.

From where we were, we got a partial view of the cable car structure.

We opted for the crystal cabin or glass-bottomed cable car.

After paying for our rides,

we waited a little bit more to hop on a cabin.

Inside the cabin, an ad on how to avail of  souvenir photo is posted.

Looking down & seeing through the glass floor is not for the faint of heart or acrophobic.

The cabin that affords you a 360 degree view of Lantau Island.

Just one of the many stopovers.

Our cabin mates.

Smiles behind those 'fears'. ;)

A maintenance man gets a different ride for the required safety checks.

A forest trail below.

One of those 'tower of powers'.

Nearing the end of the ride, the gate to Ngong Ping Village can be seen.

Giant Buddha sitting atop the mountain.

They are eco-friendly. Plastic shopping bags are a 'no-no'.

Souvenir shots upon landing.

Posing with the mascots

before touring the village.

The three of us couldn't resist the flower thrones. ;)

The first show we went to, Walking with Buddhaan immersive, multimedia attraction allowing visitors to follow the life of Siddhartha Gautama - the man who became Buddha - and his path to enlightenment. 

From the Buddha show, we stopped for some ramen.

Fashionista tourists are everywhere.

Next stop, the Monkey's Tale Theatre, a place which presents a charming and comical 'show' inspired by the famous Buddhist Jataka stories. Set in a magical courtyard under the branches of a majestic Bodhi Tree, this story will engage and inspire guests of all ages.

By the end of each show, a door leads to a souvenir shop, like this one.

The Ngong Ping Nature Center , a place where the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department exhibits information about Lantau to enhance visitors' knowledge about the biodiversity and natural landscape, and to promote public awareness of environmental and ecological conservation, and above all, to encourage ethical, responsible and sustainable Hong Kong tourism.

An exhibit of different cable cars by countries.

A vintage shop.

We had an ice  cream break. 

before entering the village.

After four hours of exploring the village, we went to our cable ride back to Tung Chung.

From Tung Chung, we took the train back to the Disneyland terminal where the shuttle buses are waiting for guests to bring them to the hotel.

Get the Ngong Ping 360 experience while in Hong Kong.

***photo credits to my daughters

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