[SG part deux 2013 : CHANGI AIRPORT]

After 7 years of existence, CHANGI AIRPORT has been touted as the world's most-awarded 'Best Airport'. And for someone who has been here recently, I can say that this airport deserves the more than 420 accolades it has received. Tourists who make the transit here get the best in airport experience. 

Inside Changi & the reasons for the praises.

Arrival Area (Terminal 2)

The area is clean & well-lit.

Wayfinders abound.

Main lobby is spacious & airy.

Check your flights thru their easy-to-monitor electronic flight boards.

If you decide to skip the car rentals, cab, shuttle bus & coach rides, there will always be the Mass Rapid Transit MRT) to take you around the city, just within the airport. We found it easy & affordable this way.

For first-time tourists, you can always grab available Singapore maps & know what MRT line to take thru train route map billboards.

Departure Area (Terminal 2)

The airline check-in counters are easy to locate.

There are lush, themed gardens, like this interior orchid garden, where you can sit back & relax amidst nature.

A touch-screen free-standing directory is available for your dining & shopping needs.

Functional drinking fountains for both adults & children are strategically placed near the lounges & retail shops.

We did lunch in a 24-hour cafe, the Orchid Cafe, one of the many dining options within Terminal 2, Departure Transit Lounge (after immigration).

The departure lounges are clean, spacious & with free fast WIFI access.

Waiting for our flight back home has never been this pleasant. =)

Get to know more about their facilities & services while there.

***photo credits to KIRSTEN

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  1. Nice photos Kirsten :) I love Changi Airport too! It's good also that Cebu Pac uses this terminal na and not anymore the Budget Terminal :)


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