[hk sojourn 2011: DISNEYLAND PART 1]

"One is never too old for Disney."

This is exactly what came to my mind when I decided to book our family trip to HK Disneyland the summer of 2011. Since my daughters just stepped out of grade school & high school, I thought of this trip as our graduation gifts to them.

I transacted online for our plane tickets & hotel accommodations. For the theme park tickets, ours were purchased at the main entrance upon our arrival at the hotel. As booked guests, we were entitled to reserved tickets. 

After taking a cab from the airport, we went straight to the park since it was  too early for check-in. We had  a look-see first of the area & took pictures.

It's so easy to find your way around the place because of these.

transport terminal

where the cabs, coaches
& shuttle buses are

taxi routes
The walk towards the main entrance gate.

At the fountain area for some pictures.

The WELCOME sign to the "happiest place on earth".

Ticket booths.

Inside the theme park.

Peddlers abound.

At Tomorrowland.

We ate lunch at STARLINER DINER.

chicken wings meal

beef burger with cheese

From there, we moved over to ADVENTURELAND.


The girls had fun with the drums.

Walking along, we saw these signs, 

& found out there was a tour of the area via a boat ride.

We then got in line to grab us tickets for our Jungle River Cruise. 

Some of the things we saw while on board. Jungle feel.

***The rest of our HK Disneyland fun tour continues in my next post. 

***photo credits to my daughters


  1. I super miss Disneyland na tuloy... Though I know it's far from reality, I dream that they consider Philippines for operations. Yun lang, parang malabo talaga kasi they always consider first world countries. Pero who knows ;)

    1. Diane, i heard Clark Devt Corp is getting Disneyland here. I hope, this pulls through. ;)

  2. Mare, you don't look like you kids' mom in your photos. Parang ikaw lang ang panganay :)


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