End of last month, my eldest daughter got to discover Palawan with her college friends. It was her first time to travel without us. Save for the reminder or two that I gave her,  I think she had it easy when she asked for our permission regarding this trip.;) Why? Because for the past two years that she has been attending college away from home, she has proven to us that she is one responsible, independent girl who imposes limitations on herself. Besides, hubby & I believe this could be a chance for her to explore a world outside of the home she grew up in.

photo credit: YSAY LEE

I am now sharing with you her Palawan Diaries (Days 1, 2 & 3 in Puerto Princesa). 

Read on & hope you enjoy... :)



Hair removal for me has always been either by shaving or using of creams. But these methods don't give lasting results since after two days, there would be noticeable hair growth. Add to that the chicken skin & the dark pigmentation as side effects. :(

Wanting to end my shaving woes, I decided to try sugaring this time. 

From their store window ad, it claims to being less painful, 100% organic & leads to permanency. I had to see that for myself.



Liven up your homes with these holiday decors I spotted recently.

*Hang gift stockings on these LED  holders that light up your mantel or any ledge you put them on.


[a HAPPY BARN to be in]

Craving for something milky to drink, other than the teas, Kirsten & I tried out this newest beverage place, The Happy Barn Milkshake Factory. ;)

[a new PLACE of WORSHIP]

Never miss hearing mass again when you're in SM Aura. 

We were there last Saturday for the 6 pm Anticipated Sunday mass.

Located at the top level, the design  of the chapel is described as 'unorthodox yet highly aesthetic & tubular'. When inside, you get that feeling of being in a modern, abstract cave. The semi-circular ribs conceal the lighting fixtures & the airconditioning system. The back-lit crucifix is the focal point of the simple altar.



I remember doing calligraphy during my high school days. I think we used the speedball pens then. And for some time now, I have been seeing FB & IG posts of Patricia's & Ging's works which somehow piqued my interest to try it. 

A few Saturdays ago, I got to join one of Ink Scribbler's workshops, thanks to Erlaine who shared the info.  :)

Erl & I came in just a few minutes before the workshop started & by then, almost all the participants were already there. 

We were assigned a table each & on top was our kit.



If my daughters have the fashion stores as their happy places to go, then I consider OUR HOME as my Forever 21. ;) 

Whenever we are in any of the SM malls, I always drop by their store & look around for that swoon-worthy piece of accessory, furniture or interior inspiration.

The last time I checked out the place, I found these.

*Immaculate white canvas pillows with simple graphics like the bicycle & the two birds perched on a tree branch, which I soooo love! :)


[half-an-hour in VANILLA CUPCAKE BAKERY]

I was 30 minutes early for a lunch date with my high school friend. I didn't want to wait inside my car so I looked for a place to stay in. Good thing, Vanilla Cupcake Bakery was already open.

For someone who is so into simple, minimalist interiors, I am surprised I felt drawn to this cupcake place. :)

The florals, the stripes, the chandeliers & mismatched chairs spell prettiness! ;)

Look at these.

the white TOLSBY frame (by IKEA) for the logo,


[DIY christmas tree]

By this time, an aunt's house is already prepped-up for the holidays. She has this cherry blossom Christmas tree perched in one corner of their living room.


[our scoops of MORELLI'S]

To end a filling lunch of pastas & flavored iced teas,  we all went for a gelato fix at Morelli's last Sunday.

It's so easy to spot this gelato cafe. The purple cans atop the white tufted counter wall are so conspicuous. :)

Don't you just love the contrast? :)

From their glass-encased display counter, you could see through a wide selection of creamy, yummy variants to choose from.

The girls & I went for a scoop each of pistachio, tiramisu,

& strawberry.

The health-conscious hubby chose the yogurt.

And while we sat by the big picture window enjoying our cups of gelato, we took in a spectacular view of the towering St. Francis Shangrila Place nearby.

Try Morelli's at Shangrila Plaza Mall East Wing & Power Plant Mall. 


[create interior mood boards in POLYVORE]

Aside from fashion pegs, interior design enthusiasts like me can now create interior mood boards in Polyvore.

I made fashion sets before & this time I would like to come up with home sets. I think it would be cool to layout interior inspirations. ;)

Here are my home set picks from Polyvore.



We stopped by KRISPY KREME for some coffee, donuts & iced tea after an hour of store-hopping in Marquee Mall last weekend.

I was already into my second sip of my cup of Cafe Americano when I saw the universal recycling symbol printed on the brown cup sleeve.


[my WEDNESDATE with mom]

My Wednesdays lately have been spent hearing mass & going to the local 'palengke' with my mom. My midweek dates with her sometimes include eating out. Maybe a not so good idea for someone who is forever on a diet but I guess my once-a-week time with her is reason enough to just go for it & forget calorie-counting & healthy-eating. ;)

Last week, we thought of doing brunch at Razon's of Guagua after buying our household's one week supply of veggies. The restaurant was just a stone's throw away from the church.