[go with the current]

See this awesome visualization of the ocean's surface currents around the world taken from June 2005 until December 2007. It made use of NASA's ECCO2 high resolution computational model. This visualization was submitted to the SIGGRAPH 2011 Computer Animation Model Festival but wasn't chosen by the jury.


Know more about this "perpetual ocean" visualization project thru this link.



It's summer & it's time to have your feet shod in strappy sandals.

My girls' pairs:

Kirsten's Montego Bay Club from PAYLESS. Got them at 40% off.

Jillian's from JELLYBEAN. 

Both pairs at Php 600.00 each.


Scandinavian design emerged in the 1950s in the four Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway, Sweden & Finland. Simplicity, minimalism, functionality & low-cost mass-production describe best this design movement. IKEA, BO CONCEPT, MARIMEKKO & H&M  are just some of the prominent Scandinavian design & retail companies.

No frills, clean lines, in black, white or neutral hues (sometimes with punches of color), bare concrete & natural wood finish.






For your new house or just a room make-over, have your fill of design inspirations from these blogs which I have included in my daily read list:

[cold MOCHI]

We had a taste of this rice cake-covered ice cream for the first time last Tuesday when we bought some at its Megamall-based kiosk.

Got them in 3 flavors:  purple yam, green tea & black sesame.

MOCHI CREME is a round, dessert ball made of a soft pounded sticky rice cake (mochi) with an ice cream filling & then dusted with powdered sugar. This Japanese confection was originally created by Lotte, as Yukimi Daifuku in 1981, the company first made the product by using a rice starch instead of sticky rice and a type of rice milk instead of real ice cream.

It's a delicious treat for ice cream/sticky rice cake lovers. Price/piece ranges from 60 to 70 pesos depending on the flavor. A little steep for such a small piece. In fact, it is more expensive than the latest premium brand of ice cream bar. Well, if you just want to experience the taste, go for it. You can always go back to M when that cold, sweet craving comes around... ;)


[NANCY Z illustrated]

Meet a multi-faceted LOOKBOOK blogger, NANCY ZHANG. Born in China but moved to Canada at the age of 6. She loves drawing so much that she is currently pursuing a course in illustration in OCAD University in Toronto.  Lists fashion, illustration & photography as her passions. See her style posts with matching illustrations to boot. 

Venture into the life, illustrations, fashion blog  & photos taken by one girl who's TALENT personified... 



For those who want to have headboards for their beds but are not that carpentry-savvy, here's a fuss-free option  - use DECALS/MURALS.



wall art

wrought iron

pink canopy

tree canopy

spider web

organic leaf

overlapping squares


Without the permanency & bulkiness of real ones, these stick-on headboard designs can produce the same effect. Plus, you can easily remove it or replace it with another design once the novelty wears off.

Find all these in here.


I want these unique, modern planters on my patio...

Shane Powers ceramic wall planters

Worlds Away terrarium kit by Augury

polished aluminum pots

The Peanut planter

Do we have them here in Manila?

photo source: HOUZZ.COM


[lights out]

Do your share to save the Earth. Switch off your lights for an hour this Saturday, March 31, 2012 (from 8:30pm-9:30 pm). 

From your homes, offices, business establishments or anywhere you might be on that hour, participate in this movement. Or you can attend the WWF-led switch-off ceremonies in Makati, Davao & Cebu.

The Ayala Triangle Gardens is the venue for the Luzon hub. Andy Ridley, Earth Hour founder & Executive Director will personally be in Makati for the ceremony to acknowledge our contribution to this cause. The Philippines has been cited as the 3-time Earth Hour champion & an official Earth Hour country.

You can also join the I WILL IF YOU WILL campaign & give your pledges on what you will do to help save the Earth. Make it public by coming up with your own I WILL IF YOU WILL statements & post them on the WWF-Philippines Facebook page:

sample pledge
Be a green warrior for the Earth. Join Earth Hour.

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