[a green get-together]

One weekend before NYD, I got to see my 2 long-time college friends & almost-sisters AUJI & JOY. We had a 3-year break from our annual get-together because for some reasons, our schedules didn't jibe & I got sick one time. So, last month, when we had that chance, we finally met up. Our family hosted a merienda get-together here in the house. 

Both of them came with their families. They brought pizzas & a cake while I prepared some simple food to share.

Two kinds of pasta



We were in this Bench store at SM Marikina one weekend looking to buy a pair of pants for my youngest. While she was in the fitting room, I noticed this in their payment counter:


[2 slips & a tablet]

A gift in the nick of time. :)

Just when our tablet cover's rubber edges are beginning to fray,

[giving back]

This is the church that the parishioners helped build through monthly love offerings. After many years of saving up money to pay for the lot & construction of the church, this is how it looks now

from the outside (church patio)


[our small sanctuary]

When we were working out the spaces for our house, hubby made sure we included a prayer room. We decided  to construct it on the second floor, where the bedrooms & the family area are found.

This is our small sanctuary.


[design peg series: EIFFEL TOWER]

A modern engineering feat, this iconic tower created by Gustave Eiffel is a popular home decor.



[i want to be GREEN again!]

I skipped attending GreenAP's lecture series for more than a year because of domestic & mommy duties. I've missed a lot, including my chance to be a full-fledged member. :(  But since our former "manang" came back to work for us again, I can now attend & hopefully, get into most of the lectures for this year. Yay, for CPE points! ;)

Green Architecture Advocacy Philippines or GreenAP released their 2013 lecture series. This year it will be all about green building components.


[let's CONNECT]

Early December of last year, Patricia of fancygirldesignstudio put up these social media buttons for me. 


[before she becomes uber famous]

For those who are "lurkers" of my blog, you know how my friendship with Mommy Fleur came to be.

Through the years, our relationship has evolved from being workmates, bestfriends & now as 'kumares', with me as godmother to her adorable tyke, Anika

While I was going through my photo files, I found these. They were taken eons ago, back when she was still single & I, many pounds lighter. ;) 


[NYE fare]

Our New Year's Eve family get-together has always been in our house since we have a fantastic view overlooking  the metro. We don't even buy pyrotechnics as we have our own spectacle to watch for free from our neighbors. ;)

We decided to skip the anticipated NYD mass & just attend the next morning. My mom, sister & her brood came early for dinner. I was almost done with my cooking by the time the fireworks started at 10 pm. 

My mom brought pancit molo & puto/cuchinta. Ours were the tortilla soup, margherita quesadilla & banoffee refrigerator cake. It was a merry mix of Filipino-Mexican food that night. ;)

I love the tortilla soup of Army Navy & the chicken quesadilla of Soya Bar, so I thought of making my versions of these.

Ingredients for the tortilla soup:

garlic, onion, canned diced tomatoes,
dried chili flakes, curry powder,
squash, corn kernels, straw & button mushrooms,
medium-sized shrimps


[the WIN]

I rarely join e-raffles. But when Ging of fortyweeks announced a California Pizza Kitchen gift certificate as her blog giveaway, I tried my luck. 


[till next season]

It's Monday & officially the start of regular classes for the new year. The girls are back in school & hardworking hubby returns to work, too. It's a day after the Feast of the Epiphany, & as always the case (or tradition?), it's time to take down & pack away the holiday decorations.

[food, lights & sounds on our 19th]

It was actually an eating spree/anniversary date for the 2 of us.

The day started with breakfast at GRAM's Diner at BGC. I didn't take pictures as hubby was rushing to his meeting in QC.  Just borrowed these from their website... ;)

We both went for the Patriotic Breakfast (beef tapa)

with cups of brewed coffee.



[pre-Christmas holiday trip: EVERYTHING NICE & CAFE BY THE RUINS]

One of the things we look forward to doing during out-of-town trips is food-tripping. In our recent Baguio sojourn, we dined in 2 of the nicest cafes in the city.


It was our first time to dine here & so glad we did. ;) This Ayala Technohub-CJH shop was our first meal stop upon arriving in the city.

[pre-Christmas holiday trip: C-BOUTIQUE HOTEL]

We spent our pre-Christmas holiday in Baguio. We had my mom, my sister & her 2 teenagers in tow. We stayed at this relatively new boutique hotel which, just like the other hotel, was a happy online discovery. ;)

The C-Boutique Hotel. All decked-out for the holidays.

The room where we slept in for 2 nights.

Main bedroom area. I chose the loft-type room.

Loft space.


We had a generous supply of natural & organic toiletries by Zenutrients. They are made from coconut oil, calamansi extract & lemon essential oil.

Outside our room.

The stairway leading to the upper floor bedrooms.


The restaurant & bar.

Where these complimentary breakfasts were taken.

Over a cup of freshly-brewed coffee, or a glass of either lemonade or iced tea.

The 2nd floor living area is nice for lounging around.

Loved the interior details!

The exterior areas are just as inviting.

Alfresco seating/dining area

with a built-in fire pit.

No worries during your stay. The main parking area is manned 24/7 by security personnel. We had ours parked in front of the hotel.

The warm hotel staff truly made our stay here such a  pleasant experience. Even my coordination with their sales people was a breeze. Reservation was quickly finalized upon deposit of the 50% D/P. They even accommodated my request to  have 8 of us in a single family loft room. Definitely, there will be a 2nd time around here for us ... =)

If a trip to Baguio is in the offing for your family, you can try out this hotel by inquiring or booking here.