[the WIN]

I rarely join e-raffles. But when Ging of fortyweeks announced a California Pizza Kitchen gift certificate as her blog giveaway, I tried my luck. 

After a little more than a week, she announced the winner. It was something I initially brushed aside because I don't usually win. But lo & behold,  

it turned out to be --- ME!

After the holidays, Ging & I agreed to meet up to get my prize

& my alphabet stamp set which I ordered from her thru her on-line store, Project Happy.

No pics of us together since she was rushing to her business meeting that day.=( Next time, perhaps.

Anyway, if you're interested in buying the same stamp set I got, go to her online store here. She is selling loads of cute, practical stuff - craft tools, accessories, baby things, journals, etc. It's really a happy place for shopping. =) Click on that link now!

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