[before she becomes uber famous]

For those who are "lurkers" of my blog, you know how my friendship with Mommy Fleur came to be.

Through the years, our relationship has evolved from being workmates, bestfriends & now as 'kumares', with me as godmother to her adorable tyke, Anika

While I was going through my photo files, I found these. They were taken eons ago, back when she was still single & I, many pounds lighter. ;) 

Our friendship is already almost 10 years old. Through the good & bad times, crying fits & bursts of laughter, we have become steady supporters of each other though we rarely meet up now. But thanks to social media & high-tech gizmos, keeping in touch & catching up have never been easier.

Before she becomes uber famous, I am posting this as my way of saying how glad I am that to this day, she is still the same person I've known her to be - pre-fame as blogosphere's Mommy Fleur, only "kikay"-er. =D I just hope, though, that she remains steady as a person & her personal relationships with family & friends stay unperturbed despite the trappings that might go with her  impending "celebrity" status.

And yes, like what she said in her post on our last get-together, this long-standing friendship deserves a celebration. Travel for 2 in the near future, perhaps?If she says so, I am up for it! ;) 

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  1. Awww.. That's soo sweet of you, Peachy! Ang bilis ng 10 years ano? :)


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