[a green get-together]

One weekend before NYD, I got to see my 2 long-time college friends & almost-sisters AUJI & JOY. We had a 3-year break from our annual get-together because for some reasons, our schedules didn't jibe & I got sick one time. So, last month, when we had that chance, we finally met up. Our family hosted a merienda get-together here in the house. 

Both of them came with their families. They brought pizzas & a cake while I prepared some simple food to share.

Two kinds of pasta

French bread slices

Roasted Chicken in Tortilla Wrap with Salsa

That time I was without a maid. So to make it convenient & hassle-free for me, I bought sets of disposable plates & cutlery* - not the plastic ones but the biodegradable kind. I've somehow added a touch of green consciousness to our get-together. ;)

We had a fun time celebrating our 30+ years of friendship over pasta, pizza, chicken & cake. Looking forward to many years more...

*All disposable eating utensils were bought in Shopwise. Check out availability in other supermarkets as well.

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