[our small sanctuary]

When we were working out the spaces for our house, hubby made sure we included a prayer room. We decided  to construct it on the second floor, where the bedrooms & the family area are found.

This is our small sanctuary.

Since it was a rather small space, I deemed it was better off without a door. A beaded curtain was put up instead just to define the space. No claustrophobic feeling for anyone who might be inside, since a relaxed setting is more conducive to meditation. 

We had a ledge installed to serve as an altar.

To discourage clutter, I have a storage box  for our prayer books & rosaries. I got this from the Gift Market section of M!2.

We had 2 low benches custom-built. I just added 4 throw pillows, a pair for each bench. I also bought a bamboo mat for kneeling or sitting on the floor while praying.

To let in natural light & ventilation, a 2-panel awning-type high window or clerestory was provided. A crucifix hangs just above the altar. 

For the last 4 years, this room has become our refuge.  It is a space worth considering when you're planning your house. Take it from us - we feel so blessed for having it in our home. =)


  1. I think it's awesome that you have a prayer room Peachy!

  2. I agree, what an awesome idea!

    *First time to comment here hehe

    1. Thanks, Cris!

      I hope to hear from you again...;)


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