[pre-Christmas holiday trip: BENCAB MUSEUM]

The much talked-about museum is no longer included in my must-go-to places in the City of Pines. Finally, after our 3rd consecutive trip there, I got hubby to take us to that place! Yay! =)

Using good old, reliable Google, I searched for the museum's website & got this map.

From the looks of it, you'd think the trip going to the museum is easy. But it took us quite a while to get there since it was really far-flung! And the foggy road ahead as we drove near the place almost made us turn around. It would have been a missed opportunity to see what's in store for us in BenCab museum. Glad we moved on.=)

We were warmly welcomed by members of the staff at the reception area. We paid Php 100.00/head for the  entrance. It could have been just Php 80.00 each for my mom & the kids as indicated on their brochure. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but there was no mention about this privilege from them. But then, our students didn't bring with them their school ID's so it probably wouldn't have been considered. Anyway, despite this minor glitch, over-all it was a wonderful  experience. We really had a swell time appreciating the art pieces on display as well as taking in the fantastic view from where we were seated in Cafe Sabel. I guess these photos will just speak for themselves.

museum facade, reception
& museum shop

cafe SABEL
farm, garden & museum building
HE & SHE restrooms

Other highlights.

huge entrance door to the museum

BenCab's muse, Sabel, a 'taong-grasa'

Benguet houses

ancient gameboard

a bench/bed for 2 people

featured artists
in on-going exhibit

bulol or Ifugao rice god

Ifugao artifacts

Sabel, Bencab's muse

a foggy view from the corridors

hand-made printwork

'petrified' wood

abstract art installation
purses made from
recycled materials

On a personal note - hubby & the girls caught on cam.

Go here to know more about the museum & the man who built this awesome place in Baguio. It's really worth the long trip...


  1. Wow! Just wow!
    Love all your photos. Maybe, when my girl is a bit older and is no longer handy dandy, I can take photos like yours, too :)

    I ssuuuper love the last two photos of your girls and their dad. Have a blessed year ahead, Peachy.

  2. I haven't visited Baguio for the longest time! So jealous. :) I want that huge door in my forever house.

    1. Me, too! The entire building is so nice, inside & out.

  3. I am from Baguio and I was in awe when I went here :)

    1. Hi Marie!😊

      Yes, totally in awe! Thanks for dropping by...

  4. Wow! I was born in Baguio and occasionally go back for visits but I've never been there! haha. I should definitely go there next time! Thanks for blogging about this Peachy!


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