[dance with my father (luther vandross)]

This is a repost from my friendster blog "shades of peach". It's a tribute of sorts to my late dad, JOHNNY BAUTISTA. I told my hubby that its just so sad that dad's no longer around to see all his apos (grandchildren) all grown up, live in our new house and see the life I'm living now with my own family. And probably, mommy would be less lonely since life has never been the same for her without my dad...

I LOVE YOU, DAD! Thanks for all the love & sacrifices, though most of the times you hardly showed it. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! a big hug to you & to the BIG MAN up there with you.

dance with my father (luther vandross)
december 4, 2005 by shades-of-peach

back when i was a child, before life removed all the innocence
my father would lift me high and dance with my mother and me
and then spin me around ’til i fell asleep
then up the stairs he would carry me
and i knew for sure i was loved
chorus: if i could get another chance, another walk, another dance with him
i’d play a song that would never, ever end
how i’d love, love, love
to dance with my father again
when i and my mother would disagree
to get my way, i would run from her to him
he’d make me laugh just to comfort me
then finally make me do just what my mama said
later that night when i was asleep
he left a dollar under my sheet
never dreamed that he would be gone from me

chorus: if i could steal another glance, one final step, one final dance with him
i’d play a song that would never, ever end
’cause i’d love, love, love
 to dance with my father again.
sometimes i’d listen outside her door
 and i hear how my mother cried for him
 i pray for her even more than me
i know i’m praying for much too much
 but could you send back the only man she loved
i know you don’t do it usually
but dear Lord she’s dying
to dance with my father again
every night i fall asleep and this is all i ever dream

I was listening to this song one night and it is with so much sadness that I remembered my late dad. It’s been five years since he left us after battling prostate cancer. My dad was the mild-mannered, kind-hearted father who was not into displays of affection but showed his love anyway by working hard to give us a good life and send us to the best schools. Because he never wanted to become an absentee father to his kids, he had to forego opportunities to work overseas but managed to work doubly hard just the same for our future. He was a worry-wart but somehow he balanced it with his good sense of humor. He was intelligent, having graduated summa-cum-laude in college. He had a good command of english, can turn simple letters into something extra-ordinary. He had wanted to be a journalist but was discouraged by his parents, and so, just made do with being a teacher. But he was able to make full use of his love for writing when he worked at a law firm. His boss had so much confidence in him that he was tasked to prepare all those legal papers, including correspondences, despite the fact that he was not even a lawyer! My dad was so much loved by everyone-family, friends and colleagues alike, and this we found out when many people visited him at home when he was seriously ill and during his wake.

It is true what they say that you can only know the value of a person when he is no longer around. I miss him so much especially when I am going through difficult times myself. I may have made mistakes in my personal life since he died, but I know that he would still be proud of me knowing that I've been strong, exerted best efforts to make things right even if it entailed a lot of sacrifices on my part. Many times, I would dream of him talking to me but always having that serene countenance. This alone comforts me that despite his untimely death, I know that he is in a much better place in heaven…


[food styling & photography anyone?]

i am an architect but i have always had other artistic leanings. make-up, styling, interior design, the list goes on. everything that will draw out all the creative juices in me, i get into. but if there's one thing that i haven't laid my hands on is photography. i have always thought of it as an "expensive" hobby. imagine, buying those dslr cams which somehow cost an arm and a leg! but when i began seeing the works of my college batchmates, ral & lambert, i somehow get green with envy because they are so talented! nature shots, portraits are common themes of photographers, professionals & hobbyists alike. what i really want to go into is food styling & food photography. i've seen beautiful shots in food mags & i want to someday do this since i've read somewhere that it pays well & there are still a few food stylists cum photographers around. i've browsed the internet for schedules of seminars but so far, nothing. does anyone know of a competent professional who holds seminars during weekends & the venue is in nearby ortigas or maybe within the vicinity of antipolo, cainta? =)

this book is from DELORES CLUSTER, an internationally known food stylist whose work has appeared in magazines, television, print advertising and feature films. she came here to hold  a seminar last november 2010 but i found the article about it a little too late so i missed the event. i wish there would be an upcoming seminar i can find & hopefully attend it.