pinoy organics.com

in this day & age when we hear stories of how cancer has taken the life of at least one family member, it makes us re-think of our present lifestyle & how it may put ourselves at high risk. it is no longer a secret that foods laced with preservatives & additives are all around us. i know of a family friend who lost his parents & 2 siblings to cancer all because they are into eating processed foods like tocino & longganisa, as most kapampangans are wont to do.  so, if you have a history of cancer in your family, it's best to adapt a healthier  lifestyle & the only way to do it is to go the organic way.  

organic is defined by the Free Dictionary as "a substance, especially a fertilizer or pesticide, of animal or vegetable origin". it also connotes something that is "simple, healthful & close to nature". if you think about it, this was the original condition of the universe as God created it. but through the years, it somehow was altered  to adapt to the changing times though much to our disadvantage.  

no worries though. many advocates of the organic movement are now within our midst. one of them is   pinoy organics. com, a company that goes beyond its being a "one-stop online resource". in their website, you will  learn about the basics of organics & green living,  the organic products to buy which were personally tested & recommended by the people behind the company, or the schedule of trade fairs & similar activities you can attend, among others. being into green architecture myself, i highly recommend that you start educating yourself & make a difference. click here  for all the details. 



[friendster no more?]

i was editing my post re tribute to my late dad & found out that the friendster link i made no longer diverts to my blog post. all the contents  from photos, blog posts, wall posts from friends are now all gone! what happened? its now a gaming platform, totally unFRIENDSTER! have you checked your own accounts there, too?