[WENDY's now]

Before being picked up by hubby after a day of 'solo malling', I took a quick meal at the newly-refurbished/reinvented WENDY'S at Glorietta 3.

It's so nice that they have decided to freshen up their store's look.

I like the neutral tones.


[store finds: LETTERS galore]

I was in 'lakwatsa' mode yesterday without the girls.

While in the new Glorietta, I went inside Papemelroti, looked around the store & saw  boxes full of wooden letters tucked in one corner.

I probably have a thing for letters because of the crafty things you can make out of them & turn them into house decors. When I saw a store in M!2 that sells them, I blogged about it.

This time it's no different. I had to take the shot because it deserves a post. ;)

[she would have been 72]

She left us August of last year, after only months of undergoing dialysis treatments & years of battling diabetes.

It was her birthday last Tuesday. We went home to celebrate with close kin. We spent some time with her in her resting place before lunch time.

While there, no sullen moments for us. I took this picture while we were in the middle of recalling the fun times we had with her. ;)

The entire family misses IMA. She would have been 72 years old today...

[MADE aquaponics]

I have written about green walls before.  And potted herbs are what I have always wanted to have in our kitchen. So when I saw  this vertical herb garden at the exhibit area of CONEX 2013 during a convention break, I just had to take a closer look.

This garden works under the aquaponics system. 


[a trio of GELATO goodness]

The four of us had a movie date with IRON MAN last Friday.



[oxygen-rich water]

Admit it. 

Most of us are not that sold on drinking water that come from our central water system, what with the who-knows-how-much chlorine they put in it.  In here, you will find out that chlorinated water, if ingested for a long time, can cause cancer & heart disease. Scared of getting sick, we thought of ways to prevent that. Aside from having a water-filtering system with an alkalinizer installed in our kitchen,


[the girl learns to drive]

This is my eldest getting the basics of driving from her instructor. Yesterday was her 1st day in driving school. Driving jitters she had none. It was me who had them! ;)


[make it buffet at CABALEN]

Do you go for buffets?

I do, sometimes, when the appetite is big enough, just like today. ;)

I had a date with the Boss again at lunchtime.

He chose CABALEN at the Fiesta Market. Where else? ;)


[ARMY NAVY food loves]

ARMY NAVY is one of our many favorite places to dine. And yesterday, the girls & I were here again.

All because of these.


Crispy, flavorful fried chicken, 
quarter drumstick thigh
served with rice & pepper gravy.

[sun baffles & pancakes]

Hubby & I had an early breakfast date at IHOP. Much has been heard about the long queue of diners outside the restaurant almost everyday. And that is how it was this morning. We got ourselves in line at no. 20! :(



I have been frequenting home stores of late.

A close relative-couple will be coming home from the US & live in the condo unit they bought some years back. I was tasked to oversee the furnishing of their new home. And since I am working around a tight budget, I am constrained to look for nice, easy-on-the-pocket pieces of furniture.

So far, these are my finds.

The bedrooms in their unit are relatively compact-sized. So, this semi-double bed with bottom drawers  would fit & meet their storage needs too.


[ABLOOM again]

All the more I love spending time now in our lanai. These orchids make all the difference.

[new PLANT love]

This is my new plant love.

It's the TILLANDSIA or air plant. I got them at the Fiesta Market (plants section) for Php 100 pesos a piece & the twisted wood base for Php 50.00 only.



We had an unproductive outfit shopping trip last Tuesday in Greenhills. So, the next day, it was off to M!2 again for us.

In the countless times we had been to this bazaar mall, the girls & I have already discovered the stores that sell cool clothes for teens.

Here are our 3 favorites:



[CUPCAKE goodness]

Quite a late-bloomer for CUPCAKES by Sonja. ;)



I ordered this before in Jamba Juice.

It's the Chunky Strawberry Topper. A delicious blend of peanut butter & strawberry yogurt topped with organic granola & bananas.



This has been our home for the last 4 years or so.

A collaboration of love by the married couple who live in this house with their girls.

Took us 6 months to do this. A period peppered with arguments over layouts, finishes, & everything technical. It's a surprise that we came out of this undertaking unscathed, with our marriage still intact & going strong. ;) Currently steady, probably until the next project... ;)

Captured images of the house.



[doing the FRENCH TOAST]

Burby's Bistro in Libis is a place we frequent nowadays for our breakfast.

Hubby & I love their crispy itik (duck) meal,

[SHOES galore!]

This is one happy shopping place for shoe-aholics! ;)

[PEP TALK FOR TODAY series: #73]

[PEP TALK FOR TODAY series: #72]

[PEP TALK FOR TODAY series: #71]



[design peg series : MOROCCAN POUF]

The moroccan pouf is a padded footstool, usually made of leather or fabric. The stitched segments & embroidery give it that exotic flair. The pouf is so versatile. Use it as an extra seating, a coffee table or a foot rest.




A pantry is a small room or closet, usually  off a kitchen, where food, tableware, linens, & similar items are stored. -source

This is a space that is practical to have in the house to keep your food stock & kitchen staples organized.

Ours is this.

A simple, one-unit thing.

[PEP TALK FOR TODAY series: #70]

photo source: PINTEREST

[PEP TALK FOR TODAY series: #69]

photo source: PINTEREST

[PEP TALK FOR TODAY series: #68]

photo source: PINTEREST

[PEP TALK FOR TODAY series: #67]

photo source: PINTEREST


[PEP TALK FOR TODAY series: #66]

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[PEP TALK FOR TODAY series: #65]

photo source: PINTEREST

[DARK cravings]

I have always been the 'dark choco' lover. Unlike the milk chocolate kind, the bittersweet taste downplays the yummy richness of the former. Besides, dark chocolates are better, nutrition-wise.


[healthy recipes from YUMMY]

Coming up with healthy eats for my family has been simplified. Thanks to this recipe booklet by YUMMY magazine, which I got for Php 150.00 at NBS.


[gushing over GUS MODERN]

A furniture revamp for our house is currently on my mind. =)

After almost 5 years since we moved into our present home, I feel it's time for a change. This is why I am now drawing up my wishlist for our home. I came across GUS MODERN & after seeing that their designs fit my preferences, I just might consider this store, that is, if our budget permits.;) But with their latest promo, the TRADE IN, TRADE UP campaign tie-up with HABITAT FOR HUMANITY, which runs till the 15th of this month, it might just be the answer. All one has to do is to donate an old piece of furniture & purchase an item at the GUS MODERN store at 25% off.

If qualified for the trade-in, these are some of my furniture choices. 



Last year, I blogged about how I love cherry blossoms & that I wish we have them here in the country. But knowing that it's an impossibility, I dismissed the thought then. I totally forgot about it until last week when hubby told me that we need not go too far to experience seeing cherry blossom trees in full bloom. The resource speaker in a radio program he was listening to, mentioned these trees can be found in Palawan. So last night, I googled "cherry blossoms in Palawan" & look what I discovered!