[CUPCAKE goodness]

Quite a late-bloomer for CUPCAKES by Sonja. ;)

From Anika's birthday party, we dropped by Glorietta to pass the time away while we waited for the Boss to finish work at the site.

We looked into the fashion stores there. After an hour and a half of 'window-shopping', we decided to bring home something sweet to eat.

We saw Sonja's. Unlike their Serendra shop, this one at the new Glorietta had that industrial vibe.

The metal siding for the counter gave that semblance of a container van.

The hodge-podge of chairs, intentionally mismatched.

The reclaimed wood with ceramic tile insert for the dining tables.

The quirky wire whisks as tabletop decors (or were they lamps?).

The penny tile-wood plank flooring.

We ordered four cupcakes in different flavors.

Clockwise from top left: 
carrot, red velvet,vanilla 
& chocolate swirl, .

In no time, we finished eating them when we reached home. The hype about Cupcakes by Sonja is true - yummy goodness no one can resist! ;) 


  1. Agree! Hands down, Cupcakes by Sonja is still the best cupcakes for me. I got there nung Friday mga 9PM na. I was too late for the last Red Velvet! But hmph, since it's just in Glorietta now, looks like this is going to be a staple dessert :)

  2. Hi maggie! Sarap sya no? ;)

    You're working in Makati na ba?

  3. Cupcakes by Sonja is the best! I think it's partly to blame though for my having put on 40lbs when I was pregnant. I used to get my red velvet fix three times a week! haha.

    1. Aimee, nakabawi ka na sa excess 40 lbs...;)

  4. We were in Glorietta too after Anika's party mare!! And wait, mas late bloomer ako sayo. Di ko pa na-experience. Need to try out soon! I am craving sweets now as of this writing. Gaaaaah!


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