[MADE aquaponics]

I have written about green walls before.  And potted herbs are what I have always wanted to have in our kitchen. So when I saw  this vertical herb garden at the exhibit area of CONEX 2013 during a convention break, I just had to take a closer look.

This garden works under the aquaponics system. 

The word 'aquaponics' was coined from aquaculture or "the raising of aquatic animals like snails, fish, crayfish or prawns in tank" and  hydroponics or "the cultivating plants in water".

When combined, you can both raise aquatic animals & grow plants. It is therefore, a sustainable food production system which can be installed right in your own backyard.

Here's a video showing the details of how the said system works.

This aquaponics system was conceptualized, designed & built by MADE (Modular Aquaponics Design & Equipment). Below are their contact details, if you are interested.

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