[oxygen-rich water]

Admit it. 

Most of us are not that sold on drinking water that come from our central water system, what with the who-knows-how-much chlorine they put in it.  In here, you will find out that chlorinated water, if ingested for a long time, can cause cancer & heart disease. Scared of getting sick, we thought of ways to prevent that. Aside from having a water-filtering system with an alkalinizer installed in our kitchen,

we also buy bottles of OXRYD whenever we make trips to the grocery store.

OXRYD is an oxygen-rich bottled water that hydrates, regenerates, detoxifies, absorbs essential vitamins & minerals & increases energy.

It was my husband who first discovered this. He is a regular listener of AM radio programs on health concerns. In one of the episodes, the doctor resource-speaker talked about its many health benefits. 

Read more about OXRYD & what you can get from drinking oxygenated water.

Price : Php 35.00/ 1000ml

Here's where you can buy it


  1. Hi Ms. Peachy, we are from OxRyd. We're very happy to hear that you are a regular user of our product. For more updates, feel free to visit our FB page as well: www.facebook.com/OxRyd :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by.

      Yes, we are regular drinkers of oxryd.:)


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