[SHOES galore!]

This is one happy shopping place for shoe-aholics! ;)

We found this store by chance yesterday when my girls & I went to Greenhills for a little 'tiangge' shopping spree. ;) Unfortunately, the bazaar stalls in the fashion area were closed for their periodic "re-shuffling". Only the pearl/jewelry stalls & the cyberstores in the second floor were open. So, we just made our way to the adjacent Greenlanes Arcade & discovered The Shoe Center. 

I love this store! 

They have a good selection of fashion brands & styles.  So many options for those with discriminating fashion tastes.

Shoppers' comfort is foremost in their minds. 

Aside from being fully air-conditioned, the store also has steel benches & stools for weary shoppers to sit on.

And of course, I like that their interior finishes & merchandise display area were well-thought out & executed. ;)

These DOC MARTENS-styled shoes earned double-takes from the girls. Purchase was however put on-hold pending the Boss' go-signal. ;)

We left the place with nary a loot since we were also rushing to my goddaughter ANIKA's birthday party somewhere south.

Go visit the SHOE CENTER when you're in Greenhills. =)

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  1. My kind of heaven!!! Yun lang, parang sa mga bagets lang tlaga bagay ang boots haha


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