[ARMY NAVY food loves]

ARMY NAVY is one of our many favorite places to dine. And yesterday, the girls & I were here again.

All because of these.


Crispy, flavorful fried chicken, 
quarter drumstick thigh
served with rice & pepper gravy.

& cups of LIBERTEA.

freshly-brewed iced tea

I wanted to have the CHEESE QUESADILLA

But then again, I wanted to try something vegetarian. So I ordered the QUERIDA MIA VERDE.

rolled querida mia with their
special querida sauce, packed with
mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese,
green bell pepper, onions, jalapeno,
tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro, guacamole
& sour cream

This one's so good! Sans any meat filling, it's still so delicious! =)

ARMY NAVY interiors give you images of a military barracks.

signages on
white brick walls
ceilings made of
re-purposed wood
aluminum-finished tabletop &
wood benches
aluminum drop lamps 
food ads
food counter
aluminum garbage can
perforated brick
wall dividers

And as always, after a hearty meal in ARMY NAVY, everyone who came in hungry, definitely walked out happy. Like us. ;)


  1. Yep! Mine too! :) I love their burgers and onion rings :)

  2. Their fries can rival MickeyDees. Love them with kethcup and mayo. Haaay ang sarap.

  3. Ayan nag-crave tuloy ako haha I love their fries and iced tea too!

  4. Hay nako! Everytime I go to Army Navy to try their Chicken it's always always always out of stock! As in nakakainis na! I mean c'mon! if you know na super taas ng demand nyo for fried chicken, why not increase your stock!?!?!? Kainis talaga! I heard it's good so I have been wanting to try it. Same goes for their onion rings.

    1. the chicken is yummy pero oily...:( so, i rarely order it. tikim lng whenever my daughters have it.

    2. am ^.^ kc po freshly Made po kc lahat so from marinating to serving am ung Fearless Fried Chicken po kc if normally na ubos na po ung marinated niya noong day po na yon ung morning po noon medio mahirap or talaga po out of stock 12 pcs lang po kc normaly ang minamarinade and dipende na po sa flow ng customer if mag reremarinade po kc meron pong time para makuha ung tamang lasa in short pinasasarap pa ^.^ am tungkol naman po sa Oily am sabihin lang po ninyo sa Service crew hayaan ubusin ung Serving time na 15 mins para ma drain ung oil kc po 12 mins cooking time and pagnang mamadali i serve nila talaga yun hindi naman siya basta lalamig ng mga 2 mins lang kaya sabihin lang po na i drain ng mabuti ung oil kc wala po air drainer ang A.N


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