[store finds: LETTERS galore]

I was in 'lakwatsa' mode yesterday without the girls.

While in the new Glorietta, I went inside Papemelroti, looked around the store & saw  boxes full of wooden letters tucked in one corner.

I probably have a thing for letters because of the crafty things you can make out of them & turn them into house decors. When I saw a store in M!2 that sells them, I blogged about it.

This time it's no different. I had to take the shot because it deserves a post. ;)

Price ranges from Php 15.00 - 200.00+, smallest to biggest. You can turn them into ref or memo board magnets, glue them on anything as decorations for your craft projects, or hang them as wall decors. Many possibilities. It's your call. ;)

***Papemelroti also has a blog. Go visit here


  1. I saw something like this in Simple Joys and Regalong Pambahay in SM Mega. Unfortunately, it's quite expensive ;) I hope all Papemelroti branches have it

    PS Good thing you were able to steal a photo ;) sa other branches kse hindi pwede

    1. the hard things you do as a blogger. =( ;)


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