[store finds: DIY LETTERS]

I have seen them before during one of my M!2 visits. I even mentioned this to Mommy G because I know she might want these for one of her craft projects. So, I had to go back to get some, blog about it & share with you guys. ;)

The girl who was manning the store allowed me to get some snapshots & answer queries.

Anyway, here they are :

6" @ Php 35.00
10" @ Php 70.00
12" @ Php 80.00
8" @ Php 60.00
The letters come in 4 sizes. There was a humongous letter R but I forgot to ask how much it costs. :( It would be great for party props.

Most were plain but there were also some embellished ones - all painted or glitterized. You can choose to have them customized at an added cost. But if you are the artsy-craftsy kind, you can prettify them yourself, whichever way you want it.

We bought the letters J & K for my daughters' bedrooms.

Other products they sell:

Gift boxes

Christmas trees

LUISA's is found at the G/F Gift Market, 2nd row from Mercury Drug, near the stairs. Get in touch with them here.


  1. What a great store find! I will keep this in mind in case I end up needing some letters in the future! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Waaah! I was in Market2! the other day and I just read this post yesterday. I.have.to.go.back! :) Thank you very much for sharing, Peachy! Another DIY project for mommies out there :) I'm kiliiig much! I want to buy all!! Hehehe.


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