[the MOMMY BLOGGER friends I make - Em & Maggie]

I met them the same way I did with Aimee, Ging & Marsy - thru their posted comments on my blog. I returned the gesture, visited their blogs then added them to my list of daily reads. From this initial exchange, a series of 'friendly connections' ensued. We are now FB, Twitter & Instagram buddies! ;)

What I love about their blogs :

*Em's features on her cute daughter, Akira, the sunnies-clad girl who loves cats & blurts out smart quips. The mother-daughter bond clearly shows in her stories.

*Her collection of random snapshots on almost anything, as seen thru her creative eye.

*Her accounts of their family travels & getaways.

*Bits & pieces of her life as an SAHM.

*Maggie's stories of her cute little Jedi, Lucas.

*Her easy-to-follow recipes of baked goodies & dishes. And of course, her cake pops!

*Her practical/personal tips on yaya management.

*Her party-planning ventures & craft projects which show her creative side.

*Her life as a working mom & how she is able to juggle both roles.

You too can learn from the pretty moms behind these blogs. Just click on the links. ;)


  1. oh thank you, Peachy! :) I really really hope I meet you soon :) as in!

  2. Yay! Thank you for the kind words, Peach!
    I hope to meet you one day, too.

    Once na magkaroon kami ng budget to buy a house, I'll get tips from you ha :)

  3. Will be reading the posts as well.

    I really like what you did to your kitchen :)


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